Poor little Albert! Isn’t he one of the cutest puppies you’ve seen? Albert was rescued by a citizen in KCK. He’d been hiding under the porch of a house that this woman thought was abandoned. Turns out, it wasn’t abandoned. The rescuer talked with the woman who lived there and she said that the rescuer could take the puppy, but she wanted to keep the mom. She is willing to let us spay her. This rescuer really had no where to take this cutie and she called Chain of Hope. We agreed to take the little guy, who we dubbed Albert.

Albert had a really huge belly-worms, we thought, of course. We de-wormed him and he passed very few, but his stomach still hadn’t gone down-it was pretty big. We waited a few days and de-wormed him again and still, everything was the same. Kind of weird, but I didn’t think too much of it. Thought he may need a different de-wormer or something. Wayside Waifs agreed to take Albert and I had a volunteer run him out to them. Upon examining Albert when we first got him out to Wayside, they thought he had a mass in him and they took him back to their vet. He palpated him, etc. and really felt that there might be a mass inside of him, as it was kind of more on one side and it felt strange. We decided that the volunteer would bring him back to me and I would go to another vet and most likely get x-rays, which I did. The x-rays proved to not show anything, yet Albert was also running a high fever. We decided that he must have an infection internally somewhere and we put him on antibiotics.

Albert also came to us scratching and scratching and he is now also battling sarcoptic mange.  Poor little guy-so young to be fighting these issues. He’s a trooper, though! One of our wonderful foster people, Eleanor, is fostering Albert. He needs 3 more weeks of meds for his mange. His stomach is all the way better and he is a happy little guy that is slowing healing from all of his medical issues. Albert is up for adoption through Chain of Hope, so if you know anyone looking for an adorable puppy that needs a fantastic forever home, please let them know about Albert.


4 Responses to “Albert”

  1. Courtney Says:

    What a cutie he is!!! Poor thing came into this world an orphan and a good citizen and group like COH have given him a new lease on life.
    There are not enough “thank you’s” in this world….

  2. Marla Says:

    Where is he and how much would the adoption be? I am in CB Iowa.

  3. marcy Says:

    He is ADORABLE! What breed? He seems to have some pit. What else do you think? And how big do you guess he will be? Thanks!!

  4. sue Says:

    how big or what kind of dog was his mother. such a cute puppy. about how old is he?

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