Happy Updates

Marlan is a wonderful pit bull that Chain of Hope found with a tow chain around his neck. He was chained up and he’s blind.

Marlan is doing fantastic!! He is settled in at Chain of Hope. Marlan has been to the vet and he is heart worm positive. He will be treated in the near future. Marlan loves to just walk all around the big room and smell everything. He goes for walks outside and just tools around. He really is the best dog. He gets along with other dogs. He loves pig ears!! He loves scratches and hugs. Marlan is doing just great!

Racquel was kept in a filthy pen, starving. Chain of Hope got her and she was not in good shape at all. Look at her now! Racquel has put a lot of weight on and she is a very happy girl!

Willow was also a starved little girl. She desperately needed some TLC.  Willow has been spayed now and put on weight. We recently transferred this pretty girl to Wayside Waifs, where she can find her forever home.

Thanks for keeping us out there for the animals!


6 Responses to “Happy Updates”

  1. angie morgan Says:

    so happy to see these sweet survivors!

  2. Angela Waltz Says:

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and from the bottom of our best friends’ hearts, too. You are evolved people who deserve the very best. I wish people would not neglect and abuse their animals. Perhaps the rest of humanity will catch up with you in evolution someday and treat all creatures with love and respect. Your Happy Updates posting made my day!!

  3. Susan Jones Says:

    I volunteer at Wayside and met Willow today. We took a gentle walk with lots of TLC. Still very shy but so so so sweet. Thank you Chain of Hope for all you do!!!!

  4. angie mcdaniel Says:

    Nice to see tails up and waggin’, instead of between the legs : )

  5. Linda Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. kim bomar Says:

    I wanted to thank you for rescuing Willow now called Lucy. We adopted her from wayside last week and she is doing great! As you know she is the sweetest dog and we are so happy to have her join our family. The cats are even comfortable around her. Thanks again!

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