Addressing Frustrations

I wanted to respond to some of the comments regarding animal control. There is a lot of frustration, I know, when you are reading these blogs. It does not even come close to our own frustrations when we are standing in a feces filled backyard looking at a skinny dog on a tow chain. I often say to myself that it should take one phone call to get an animal out of a neglectful situation. However, things don’t really work that way. You must understand that animal control’s #1 mission is public safety. I know we  all would like to think that it’s the welfare of the animals, but the #1 mission of any animal control is public safety. They have to prioritize with bite calls,  assisting the police,  injured strays,  animals hit by cars,  etc.  I am not defending them (believe me, I get madder than anyone), I am just trying to educate you on their actions and agenda.

I  volunteered at animal control for about 8 yrs.,  a long time ago when there were no volunteers (many, many years ago). I have been on several boards, task forces, sat in meetings, etc. to try to improve things at animal control. Animal control is what it is, on both sides of the state line and throughout the midwest and the south, especially. It’s a different agenda than animal welfare advocates have. We must accept it for what it is. That is why I founded Chain of Hope. We try to get pet owners to step up. We give them the education and the resources to improve the care of their animals. When this eventually does not work and we have tried everything and still feel that the animals are  being neglected, then we have to contact animal control. We have a somewhat working  relationship with them. Many, many cases we resolve and improve things for that animal without ever having to involve animal control. We prefer to do things this way. I believe that we actually cut down on their calls because we get many, many calls everyday and respond to animals in neglectful situations and we handle it.  Chain of Hope only tries to contact animal control in the worst of cases when what we have done is not working, or when the neglect is so blatant that we feel that the animal has to get out of there asap (which doesn’t always happen, but we hang in there).

There will be disagreements and disappointments with any animal control department.  That is a given. However, I must stress here that animal control is the only entity that has the legal authority to issue citations and ultimately to remove animals from their neglectful situations. Chain of Hope has no legal power whatsoever.

The fact that animal welfare people (myself included) get frustrated is obvious. I get so angry sometimes, but Chain of Hope perseveres, always putting the animal first. That is how we are different. We put the animal first and try to make decisions accordingly. However, I do not want city hall contacted regarding Chain of Hope cases. I deal with those issues and must retain a level of respect. I have learned over many, many years how to work the cases that are called into us. Sometimes we need animal control and we welcome their help when it is  given. Sometimes we disagree and we have to push for the animals’ sake and we do.

I guess what I’m saying is that it is what it is. I have learned what animal control will accept as far as the care for an animal and what they won’t. I believe their standards are minimal and that is why Chain of Hope is out there working so hard.  Like I said, most of the time we work the calls and get things resolved without needing animal control, so our contact with them is minimal. However, we do need them at times.

Chain of Hope is really addressing things out in the community. We are out everyday in the urban core of both Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas. We go right to the animals and try to make things better for that animal. We will continue to do so. Thank you for your support.


One Response to “Addressing Frustrations”

  1. carmen hodges Says:

    Hi Chain of Hope..I presume this email was intended for myself as well as many others out here making comments about Animal Control..I just wanted to clarify a few things myself and I truly appreciate your input and respect your position in what you are tryin to helping defenseless animals..maybe there was a little confusion on the part of what animal control does do and doesn’t do..yes I am very frustrated at the thouhgt of animals being left in situations horrific..and to me there has to be more avenues made available and help to offer assistance to these poor defensless creatures in our near as possible future..the messages I send in no way mean to undermine the great efforts that people like yourself and others are doin to help the many many overload of calls it sounds like you receive everyday concerning animals in terrible is very comforting to hear that alot of the cases are resolved that you deal with..that I find surprising when the calls were placed for a situtation to have gotten to the point they do when their are people like yourselves out here to help people..I understand that some people just have situations happen in their Lives that they can’t help sometimes as far as mayb their resources are limited they are tryin to put food on their tables to feed their children difficult and their animals..or they can’t afford certain things…to be able to fully take care of their animals..this is concerning to me as well..cuz it seems as tho from what I have gathered that shelters are full for adoption..and lets face it people don’t want to give up their animals they have come to Love and know..and it is very stressful on animals to be moved from one environment to another etc etc..Thank God there are the people and resources available to help that we have in place today ..unfort it doesn’t sound like enough to accomodate every situation presumably in a timely fashion..or are sounds like you can handle alot in your organization..but I worry these animals are bein left even with assistance in the hands of people alot of them anyway prbly majority that can’t and don’t have any business having animals to begin with or people won’t swallow their false pride and just give up the animals to a better environment..yes Love of all things is the number one important factor when we are talking about animals and who’s family they are in..but the animals have no say or voice exactly..yes they can look sad and howl and cry of course..but they can’t reach out and call someone to come get them off a chain or out of feces filled pins etc what I they need everyone to step up and help them that can..there has got to be more involvement is the point I was tryin to make..and people like animal control if that is one of their priorities at all to mention should be doing that exactly and not advertising it if other words..yes I commend them on any help they can assist in giving..but it sounds like to me alot of the time it is too late when they do step why not put the control in others hands as well..that can help and who are directly and regularly those people and animal control as well to provide special units and such to be able to have the man power if that is the issue to do their jobs efficiently even more..and not ignore the ever growing concerns and problems of animals being left in unLoving ,unhealthy or unmanageble Homes..yes if the owners are willing and can prove that and prove to have the caring Heart and not be narrow minded or shall I say in some cases sounds like stubborn to make the changes necessary to make a better Life for their animals or give them up..then that is good..but otherwise ..these animals need peoples truest committments in assistance..doesn’t and shouldn’t matter who is offended or not..the animals welfare is the upmost importance whatever has to be done or whoever’s toes have to be stepped on to get it all I am saying..and people that want to claim they can help and won’t should be held as accountable I feel as the owners that put them in the situation to begin with..even tho it isn’t originally the facilities and organizations fault primarily to begin with..and I in no way linked your organization to animal control as far as callin them on your me it is two different trying to accomplish the goal but with some of the same goals in mind as the other to begin with..I am just saying..some of these animals as you well know die before someone steps in and their shouldn’t be a lapse or neglect in time I feel when it comes to an animals welfare or Life..I know you would agree to all of I wouldn’t be so worried yourselves in what the I presume Governmental funded organizations or facilities people say or think when it comes to all of that..who cares if your cases are revealed to them..everyone should be workin together I feel..and they should be first in line to step up or be the first to be honest and say they can’t at this time they are just too overloaded what ever the case may be but then why can’t there be backup systems in place or indidviduals ready to assist if that is the case ?? Is funding the issue here? I mean surely everyone of us can come togethr and help in one way or another am I right..? There has got to be an ideal resolutionary system put into place to assure all animals have a safe and Loving, healthy environment to reside in ..and I am sure we would see their Smiling faces reveal that they would much rather be moved again to anothr Home with other people or in a shelter or Non profit organization that is willing to help out and step up when needed..then to Live in especially uncaring but even caring indidviduals Homes that can’t give the necessities to Live a quality of Life to these animals they is unfort when yes people and animals that do have a genuine Love for one anothr have to be parted..but that is much better then having to live without the bare necessities to survive..and that is alot of what it comes down to it sounds to me like ..survival..for these poor animals..I don’t think a dog would ever argue the point if they it is just basically what is important and it comes down to they need to be where they need to be..with Loving ,caring,responsible,capable individuals ready and willing to take them in and Love and care for them ,and really make an immediate difference sometimes saying in their Lives..they are Our Best of Friends..and I am sure each animal will remember if they left an Home that they were Loved and then hopefully they can forget someday one that was not so fortunate to provide to them.. I am sure they wouldn’t mind the is just people need to learn to adapt more and also need to see thngs for what they are and make that difference that much more in an animals Life whatever that entails..and You are the first of many I am sure to make that wave of change be put into perspective and available, into play and mode of just doing the right thing when needed and deemed whatever stage it is..this is not a game is reality..and the clock is ticking and of course there is no excuse that could ever be thought of that would rashionalize what most of these indidviduals put these animals thru..they need to go directly to jail and stay there..this would create alot of jobs..unfort way to have to create them in one sense..would be nice if Life was an Euphoria state of being..but reality is alot of times it isn’t but if we can all ban togother once again and create just even that little bit of Heaven on Earth for all of these animals in the time they have left here and God help them to survive..then to me that is a great sense of creation of jobs in doin I again commend and appreciate your every effort and appreciate the input cuz it does help give some more greater perspective of the reality of things..and I appreciate the info on the way to become educated to help these animals ..and your organizations efforts in every way along with all the good animal control and other organizations like or not exactly alike but with the same goals in mind as yours does everyday to make a difference in the Lives of these animals…so if that clarifies a little more of the point I am and was trying to make on my prior comment I hope it does..and I will do less writing myself and more involvement in helping animals in need out here that I can do my little part I would have to say in respect to what you all do everyday >3 🙂 to help them..but still feel it important to put some kind of input as really uneducated myself and inexperienced at this as I am on here too..I will start by donating to an organization down the road from me that helps animals as well..that I have and my children have helped in the past by visiting and getting educated some in this area ourselves and will donate and have items to them that I don’t have $’s available currently but can even as simply as donating items around the house that can assist and our 4-H orgnazation and group we were involved in in the past that one of my children had made an choice in putting on the lists of people or animals..our environment etc to be a voted choice and recommendation in helping animals in need being animal Lovers themselves 🙂 and was voted in I am proud to say and my other child that was in the group as well had said too and agreed highly in us helping 🙂 along with the other kiddos there..and then in return helped out anothr non profit organization of two indidividuals who were in the dog show industry and real estate that had a rescue foster Home establishing efforts of and helped in the adoption of neglected and abused or people just couldn’t care for like thought originally or in the process of .. The Beautiful Great Pyranese Dogs.. like many other doing we will continue our efforts as animal owners and citizens good samaritans to help in doing along with your organization we would like to help too as well and others…God Bless All of Furry Friends and God Bless All the Good People and I pray personally for their help and guidance,strength and perserverence in continuence of helping Our Beutiful Animals Across the Globe..I wonder too how many of your organizations do you have under Chain of indidvidual groups out here doin this your one or many Chains of Hope..?? One is Great and all the more even better blessings..! Is is nationwide? Thanks Animal Lover and Concerned Citizen Carmen in KC.MO. 🙂

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