House of Horrors

This was a true house of horrors that I have been involved with for years. There’s so much that has happened at this house that this blog will be a little long, but I think you will see the frustrations that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

We came across this house about 3 1/2 yrs ago. We were working in the area of 27th and Garfield when we saw a dog chained in a front yard that was fenced. It’s conditions were minimal, but the entire front yard was fenced and the gate to get to the front door was padlocked. There was a fence all around the back as well. We were yelling “hello” and the dog was barking, so eventually the woman came outside. We told her who we were and asked her if she needed help with her dog. Turns out she had 3 dogs chained up and one of them, Brownie, had just had 10 puppies that morning! The woman let us in and took us around back. There was shit everywhere. There was junk and trash and broken down vehicles. The smell was so horrible that I literally had the dry heaves while trying to access this situation. I have been in some nasty backyards, but this one was so filthy and disgusting that I really could not even stomach being there. I asked the lady where the puppies were and she pointed under a broken down pick-up truck. I looked under there and there was the precious momma on a chain. She had dug a hole under the broken down truck and she had put her 10 puppies down in the dirt hole.

Because the woman was receptive to our help, we decided to jump in and improve this situation. I crawled under the truck and passed each puppy one by one out to another volunteer, who laid them on a sheet that we had brought. We had one of our wonderful home-made dog houses on the truck and we set that up for momma and babies. The people would not bring them in the house or give them to us, so we hooked them up.

There was another dog chained up in a trashy, disgusting area. His name was Roscoe and we fixed him as well. There was a black lab named Sparkles that was chained far in the back and the only shelter she had was a pet taxi, which had rain water in in. This was an over-whelming situation. The people were receptive to getting their animals spayed and neutered. We got Sparkles fixed up with a proper dog house.

We put the dogs on tie-outs instead of chains, gave them water buckets, put out hay for them, gave them food, got all of the owner’s info. and began a long process of trying to get these people to step up and take better care of their animals. We put them on a 2x weekly monitoring list at first until we could see if the people were going to step up.

We began educating them about their animals’ care. They would not surrender the litter to us because they already had relatives wanting some of the puppies, etc. We run into this often when we find a litter-they’re already “promised”.  We educated them about spaying and neutering and they agreed to hang onto the entire litter until they were around 8 weeks old and they would let us spay/neuter the puppies before they gave them away.

As time went on, this situation did not progress. They gave away all of the puppies too early before we could get them all fixed. This was maddening after all we’d done for them. Now there were 9 puppies out there unaltered, because of course they had to keep one. We were extremely frustrated with these people, but we stayed calm because they did let me bring in all of their adults for spay/neuter plus the puppy they were keeping. They even began keeping the puppy in the house.

After a while, things began slipping again. I eventually called animal control, who went out and did nothing. Unfortunately, that is often the case. Because this situation had turned rather tense, the people did not want us over there anymore. They were no longer receptive. Their entire yard was fenced and padlocked, so there really was nothing we could do. As hard as it was, we had to walk away from this situation after a lot of effort, stress and work. The only saving grace here was that we had finally gotten everyone spayed and neutered and they all had decent dog houses.

We had no contact with these people for months and months. One day we were working in the hood not far from them and they saw our van and stopped and asked if they could have some dog food. I saw this as an opportunity to establish contact with them again so that we could get over there and access these dogs. We kind of began a relationship again and we were able to go over and see the dogs. Roscoe, the shepherd mix, did not seem himself. He laid in the dog house and just acted like he didn’t feel well. After visiting a few more times, I told them that something was very wrong with Roscoe. He was totally lethargic, always just laying in his house, no enthusiasm when we came to visit, wasn’t eating very well, etc. I was very concerned about him.  Of course, the owners had no money, so I asked if I could take him to the vet. I told them that he might have to be euthanized if it was advanced heart worm disease or something like that. I told them that he didn’t look good to me at all. The woman told me that she didn’t want him to suffer (yeah-right) and that I could take him and if he needed to be put down, to go ahead and do it. I had her sign a paper stating that I could do that if necessary. Roscoe was barely holding on. I took him over to the Humane Society of Greater KC and had him looked at. He was extremely heart worm positive and their diagnosis was that he was in the end stages of heart worm disease. He was past the point of being able to treat him. His abdomen was full of fluid and his heart sounded terrible. I held Roscoe in my lap and loved on him as finally, his misery and pain was ended.

Later in the afternoon, the owner called me and said that her husband had come home and that he wanted me to bring Roscoe back and they “would take him to a vet” (again-yeah right).  They’d never taken any of their animals to a vet ever and I knew that they wouldn’t have taken Roscoe either. He would just laid there and died a horrible death, probably in a matter of a few days. I told her what the deal was and of course, she was mad. I really didn’t care. Roscoe had laid out there and suffered for too long. Finally, he was at peace. What a horrible life he’d endured.

With Roscoe gone, guess who took his place out on his chain? The puppy they had kept. Disgusting. Since these people were mad at us once again (for doing the right thing!), we were not welcome there again. We could only watch as we drove by and run over and try to stick treats and things through the fence. The puppy and her momma were chained on the side of the house and Sparkles was chained in the back still. There was a crappy privacy fence across the back and there was an alley, so we would drive down the alley and try to get treats to Sparkles, but she was harder to get access to.

Finally, about 3 weeks ago when we were in 0 degrees and it was snowing a lot, etc. I went by and Brownie, the momma, had gotten pretty thin. The puppy was emaciated. Sparkles was hard to tell what was going on with because she was hard to see. I went by one morning in the freezing cold with the snow coming down and there was the puppy (now grown) sitting there in the snow. Her dog house was in two pieces and she was just sitting there , getting snowed on, shaking and shaking. It was bitter, bitter cold. All of their water buckets were always on their sides-no water. This was totally unacceptable. I called this into animal control and moved on to get hay out to as many dogs as I could. The next morning, I called in my confirmation number on the case to see what animal control had done. The report I got back was that they didn’t see 3 dogs there, they only saw one sitting on the front porch. I almost blew a gasket!!! I told them that if that was the case that they either hadn’t gone out at all or they’d gone to the wrong house. I have never been by there when those dogs were NOT on their chains and the front porch was enclosed, so you wouldn’t be able to see a dog on there at all.  They told me that the case was now closed and I asked them to reopen it and send someone else out to the house. I also told her that I was going over there right then and see what the situation was. I did and everything was exactly as it’d been before when I’d called it in. This meant that the poor “puppy” had been sitting out in this blizzard all night long with NO shelter. The dog house was still broken in two pieces, etc. I took a bunch of pictures and called the director of animal control. I told him that I had pictures and that this needed to be resolved now. He had a supervisor call me back to tell me that they had an officer on the way back over there. I told them that I was heading over again as well because I wanted to see these dogs removed! As we turned the corner, there was animal control and two police cars with all their lights going. The owner were standing out front and animal control finally took all of the dogs.

I went over to animal control to see them a few days later. This is a picture of “Brownie”, who was the momma we had met so long ago giving birth under a truck. I could not let her go down after the horrible life she’d been through. Chain of Hope pulled her out of animal control and she is now up for adoption. She is so happy to have food, water and love!

Her daughter is still at Halfway Home. They are calling her Ladybelle. She is a brindle shepx. We could only pull one dog, and we opted to pull the momma who had lived in hell the longest. Sparkles, the black dog that was chained in the back, was very ill and Halfway Home had to euthanize her. When I saw her in the bite section, she had massive amounts of bloody diarrhea in her kennel, poor baby.

This was a depressing, exhaustive case to work on. It was very, very sad and a lot of suffering had occurred at this house of horrors. I want you to understand by this story how Chain of Hope operates. We monitor houses all day long, every day. We have many, many dogs that we check on weekly, monthly, whatever it takes. We don’t just spay and neuter the animals at a house and move on. We do not walk away from these animals if we have it in our power to stay involved. That, I believe, is what makes us unique. We know that certain animals, even though we get them in and get them fixed, are at much danger of falling through the cracks. We try to stay on top of these houses and these animals to make sure that doesn’t happen. If it does, we then have to deal with animal control, which we will do. We continue to drive by this house and check for them getting more animals.

Keep in mind, this is just ONE house. We deal with hundreds and hundreds of addresses. It takes a lot of time, a lot of frustration and a lot of stress to deal with so many of these cases, but we are committed to being out there for these animals. Thank you for keeping us going. We are all a lot of them have.


13 Responses to “House of Horrors”

  1. angie Says:

    this is so maddening and outraging!!! i commend you completely for your persistent efforts. i find it hard to stomach as this is just one city in one state and there are millions of animas suffering everyday! 😦 all i can say is thank you thank you thank you for what you are doing. those poor dears, i wish i could adopt them all. i continue to support you guys and your passionate and attentive care!

  2. Carmen Hodges Says:

    Oh how horrible and first when I viewed this blog I was I have to say confused a little til I read it..I couldn’t fig out where the nice lookin blankets,dog houses and hay and looked as tho water and or food bowls were avail and I thgt no this isn’t the ideal place but was hopin that these ppl were just strugglin and Loved their animals and were makin some attempts to take care of their animals properly..with the shed and all..then I realized that was the wonderful work of your organization that is Truly Heavenly and God sent to these poor defenseless animals..these ppl are truly walkin evil I feel..and selfish to no end..ignorant bastards and bitches ..excuse my French here but absolutely have no clue obviously what it means to Really Love and animal and give it proper care and they don’t care..they shld I feel have to be placed in the same atmosphere for as many days as those animals were wld be the only justice I feel wld be satisfactory to what they put these Beautiful dogs and their pups thru..a livin nightmare and hell it appears..and I commend all of you for your committments and keepin track..and I am very pissed at the Animal Control for not playin their vital role in helpin savin these animals Lives out there too..terrible that you were lied to and not assissted by them more professionally and timely as well as most imporatantly Lovingly & caringly for the Life of these are so right you are all they have besides Lovin ppl that are willin to adopt these animals and give them a whole new perspective in Life..what they deserve..the ppl who owned these babies were not deserving and responsible at all..they now have brought more animals into the world by not spayin and neuterin too..the litter of pups..and I think they shld by law be made to reveal to you and authorities where each and everyone of those pups were relocated and God help them there..cuz if they picked the homes for them and cldn’t even give them a Loving one themselves then that is not trustworthy at all..and they cld be put in dog fighting sickening environments or abused and neglected to this terrible point like these poor dogs suffered until death that is one thing and there needs to be special units I feel and budgets shld allow for ppl to make sure these idiots don’t get there hands on another any kind of animal in their possesion Again..I am very angered by all this beuracratic neglect too..and these idiots shld go to jail for Life I feel for ruining and torturing of these animals all the days that it happened befor you wonderful Loving caring ppl stepped in to help..Animal control shld have their whole departments everywhere they exist too reevalutated fined and they shld serve time too for not helping these animals to me they are part of the cause of the death of the three wasn’t it dogs in this case as well..sorry not exactly rememberin the count..but they are all in my Heart deeply..but they shld not be allowed to run a facility in that fashion..they need caring devoted ppl like you to assist you in an immediate situation too..and mayb it wld help if overcrowdin in shelters etc..mayb to have ppl standin by like the foster care ppl who foster these animals but ppl that want to adopt and have already been checked out carefully wld aide in the immediate placement of these animals in dire need of care..and then they cld remain with their families as know like just you all and the animal control get them checked out by a vet..or maybe even some vets I wld sure hope so anyway they make enuf money they cld volenteer to go to ppl s houses too that mayb where they will be adopted or fostered too but mayb in an area away from the perspective new owners and foster parents of course homes so not to infect their animals they currently have..but to where there wld be room for all these animals to be Removed Immediately from these horrible conditions..and do you have to have an permit to remove..well the law enforcement if they are not stepping up they need special units for that I don’t know if it’s is animal control that gives thse out or I feel it shldn’t even be needed..cuz they aren’t owens truly anyway to treat their animals that arn’t theirs to begin and give them a Life so horrible to Fuck..excuse me ..what those assholes think anyway…they have no say when it is this way..and the 1st time you all go there and witness this I feel just take them away..cuz like you have shown here and time and time again..they don’t make any real efforts to change anyway..I am surprised and wonder why they too worked with you and then just reacted so unappreicatively then had the frickin nerve to come up and ask for more food for their animals..which don’t get me wrong here I am glad they man even had the frickin sense and integrity to do that to begin with..but then turn against you all like that..just plain ole ignorant is all n I can’t understand..mental issues I wld say really..cuz I don’t understand that concept at all what were they doin their motive I ask..? just keep the dogs a little alive so they cld torture them somemore..there was absolutely No Excuse for lettin them pups go ahead of time..they were being assisted by you all..bullshit..they need to go to jail for all of this..oh I say Life..for every Life they treated badly and cruely and abandoned..just throw them in the jail cell and abandoned them like they did these poor animals..makes me puke like you did just thinkin of this and the same with our children out here too goin thru the same terrible things as these poor defenseless animals..God Bless All of You and The Animals out here you are trying to help..Keep your chins up..I can’t even begin to imagine what all you witness,,but just know God and caring ppl like myself are here to give you the support you and the animals need as simple but importantly as moral but too monetarily the support you need to help them..and animal control needs to be reprimanded highly for their rediculous ways and actions here too..they need to step up I hope some of my suggestions can help you mayb to help even more of the animals and the ones you have now the future..and I hope I have given you somemore moral support..just think like you all do of all the Good you do everyday..and take it one at a time too..but with each new animal you see and have to witness this terrible are helping each one too…and I know you know this in your Hearts..I wonder if we can volenteer to help you all too or if we need some special certificate and then can we donate $’s like by callin you all and sending $$ or by over the phone too..I feel I can trust your organization cuz I don’t typically like to give personal info to ppl about myself that I don’t know real well or with my funding institution etc..and I don’t have the means to do that..but when I do I wld like to start donating to you all each month to help in my small way and mayb volanteer some time to help out too..but I have to say I Love animals but am really leary of dogs too..I was chased as a child by a German Shepard God Love Her Sheeba and I havn’t been able to fully recover from the fear of animals so I don’t know if I cld hands on help out..altho I wld Love to be able to but you can’t have a fear of animals that you don’t know either and help out directly them much as I wld Love to mayb you all cld give me some direction in overcomin that and then I cld donate time to come out and help with you all if that is possible or in some way.,.so if you cld email me and let me know these things I wld appreciate it and feel great to help our Furry Friends out here..always..God Bless Our Furry Friends n You all and ppl like Me that Truly Do Love and Care for Our Furry Friends..!! ❤ Carmen in Independence Mo..

  3. carmen hodges Says:

    To Angie..I am with you totally on this..God Bless All Our Furry Friends and ppl like us who really do care and make try and make a difference!! I was just wondering how you can post on Feb 16th at 3:35pm must have been am or you are in another country..really non of my business or concern to be honest..just noticed that and thgt yeah today is the 16th and we are in morning time zone dsn’t matter the support is the most important thing really..just sayin! 😀 Have a Great Day Chain of Hope and Help Our Furry Friends Have One too…and All the Chain of Hope Supporters Like Me outhere..!! 😀 ❤

  4. Katie Says:

    I can’t thank you enough for what you do for all of these babies. What a heartbreaking story. The fact that Roscoe had someone to love him as he died says so much about you, what you do, and why you do it. It is so painful to read, and I am so grateful there are people like you out there helping these helpless animals. I will continue to support you, and thank you so much for your compassion and continuous efforts. I have 5 rescued animals, and we all appreciate everything you do. Thank you so much.

  5. Linda Says:

    Thanks again for telling it like it is! Thanks you for all your time and effort working with idiots to make a dog’s life better.

  6. Michelle Says:

    This story made me cry. I just want to chain those people up in their back yard with no water no shelter and let them sit and shake all night long in a blizzard just like they did to those poor dogs…

  7. crystal Says:

    god bless u

  8. crystal Says:

    i can’t wait to meet her and show her how live is gonna be from now on

  9. Danielle Says:

    For every moment they suffered, each second all of you took to care for them; feed, untangle, soothe, speak gently, give a tender touch, a hug, a rub a soft kiss – those angels forgot the pain, the neglect and abuse.

    Blessings to all of you.


  10. Kim Johnson Says:

    I heart u Chain of Hope.

  11. Michelle Daniel Says:

    I’m a volunteer with Halfway Home and TARA, and I’m very sorry to share that Ladybelle passed away yesterday morning from advanced heartworm disease. She never made it to a wonderful new home, which she so deserved, but she didn’t die in the shelter, and she knew she was loved. Thank you to Kate Quigley and Chain of Hope for rescuing her from that horrible backyard, the volunteers at Halfway Home who walked her, gave her treats and soft blankets, and loved her, and TARA (The Animal Rescue Alliance) and Crest Animal Hospital for trying to save her. Rest in peace, sweet girl.

  12. Carol Coe Says:

    There are not enough words to adequately thank Chain of Hope for what they do. Ladybelle was at least able to see before the end that not all humans are horrible, terrible people…some are kind and caring and genuinely love the animals with whom we share the planet. God bless Kate and Chain of Hope.

  13. Judith Pannebaker Says:

    You did a wonderful service by not giving up on these dogs. However, I would consider filing an official complaint on the first officer who went to the address, found nothing and closed the case. This kind of behavior in a public servant who is being paid by tax dollars should not be tolerated. Just my two cents.

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