Girly Girl

We came across Girly Girl, a wonderful brown pit bull, about 2 1/2 yrs. ago. She was chained on a tow chain in a backyard on 23rd street. She was at a good body weight, wasn’t spayed and lived back there 24/7 by herself. We met the people and found out that that wasn’t their dog (it never is!). They were keeping her for a friend that had gone to jail. These people had their own pit bull that they kept in the house. They weren’t sure how long Girly Girl was going to be there, but they totally wanted her spayed-they did not want any puppies back there. We gave Girly Girl a new dog house, hay and food. I picked her up the next week and brought her in for spay and vaccinations. We began monitoring Girly Girl, which meant that she was at much danger of falling through the cracks, plus she was so very lonely. We would visit her every week or two. She was always so starved for attention. She loved to roll over on her back and have her tummy rubbed. I used to sit there as long as I possibly could because she just loved it and she had so little that brought her any joy in life. She lived for those belly rubs. We put her on a tie-out cable, hung fly bags in the summer and stuffed hay in her house in the winter. She was always out there.

I went by to visit her one day and she was gone! My heart sank immediately. I went to the door and they told me that her owner had gotten out of jail and had come and gotten her. I was panicing on the inside-I did not want to lose touch with this little girl that I’d come to love and she loved me, too. I tried and tried to find out where she lived now and the guy was always vague. He’d say things like “over there at 73rd and College”. I’d drive around and couldn’t find her anywhere and then I’d go back and talk to him some more and try to get an actual address that he never had. Months and months went by and I did not know where she was. I worried about her, but had given up on getting more info out of the guy.

One day, we were driving through the hood and saw a brown pit bull in a backyard with a couple of guys. There were 2 black and white Cocker Spaniels on chains, too. We pulled over and went over to talk to the guys and when I got up there, I thought I recognized the dog  (I’ve seen a lot of brown pit bulls!) and after talking with the guy I realized that this was Girly Girl. I looked up at the street sign and we were right on the corner of 73rd and College! The guy had been right (I had even knocked on this door before when I was trying to find Girly Girl, but no one answered). The reason I never could find Girly Girl was because she’s an inside dog now!!! I was so thrilled. Alex keeps her in with him. I have never seen that dog outside without him, ever. I was ecstatic to be reunited with Girly Girl. Alex had known that “the dog lady” came by all the time and took care of her when he was in jail. It was good to finally meet him and especially to meet up with Girly Girl again. I thought of all of those months (probably about 18 months) that we visited her and tried to do everything we could to make her more comfortable having to stay outside 24/7. Girly Girl was excited to see me and she danced around and then she plopped down on the ground upside down for that belly rub! It was such a great feeling to be rubbing Girly Girl’s belly again-I wasn’t sure I’d ever see her again.

Alex told me he wanted to show me something with Girly Girl. He started asking her, “where’s the bird, Girl, where’s the bird?” and she started getting all ramped up, looking up into the tree and dancing around and then she started climbing the tree! She literally was climbing the tree-it was wild. We were all just laughing. There was no way she was going to even come close to a bird, but she sure was trying!

Turns out the Cockers are his mom’s, they do bring them in, and they were already spayed and neutered.  I have been over on cold days and they are not out there. However, they had a wooden piece of crap dog house, so we hooked them up with better ones. The one picture of Girly Girl in the hay is because she climbed into that old thing that was supposed to be a dog house and just laid there for awhile while we all talked.

Anyway, Girly Girl is and always will be special to me. She endured a lot of long, hot summer days and a lot of dark, cold winter nights. She loves her owner and he loves her. She deserves the best!


3 Responses to “Girly Girl”

  1. STacey Wpoden Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful story and dedication!

  2. Linda Says:

    It is the happy ending that keep one going through all the sad times. Thank you for caring.

  3. jamie Says:

    this is an amazing story! lucky for the animals you save, all of their stories have happy endings 🙂 keep fighting the good fight!

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