Hambone Hamilton

Chain of Hope received a call from an utility worker in KCK regarding this little guy that had a bone stuck in his mouth. She said that it had been on there for at least 4 days and the people were going to wait for their tax refund before taking him to the vet! We went over and saw the dog and couldn’t believe that someone would let this poor dog walk around like that for 4 days! His mouth stunk really bad. He was in pain and was pretty growly. We finally were able to get a slip lead on him and we got him over to the Humane Society of Greater KC. They had to knock him out and cut the bone off with a hacksaw!

We decided to name him Hambone, but later changed it to Hamilton. He is a super little guy!  Hamilton was put on antibiotics and pain killers and he is doing really well. When they sawed off the bone, Hamilton had a lot of bacteria under where the bone had been and that is why it stunk so bad.  The HSGKC had to shave the hair off under his chin and get that cleaned up. He has recovered nicely and is such a sweetie now!

We recently transferred this cutie to Wayside Waifs where he can find his forever home.

Thanks for keeping us out there so that we can respond to these calls every single day.



6 Responses to “Hambone Hamilton”

  1. Debi Says:

    Very happy for ole Hambone Hamilton!! Thank the Lord for good people who have the compassion to help animals who can’t help themselves!!

  2. Amy Palmer Says:

    I visited with Hamilton tonight while I was volunteering at Wayside Waifs. He is a great dog! He gave kisses and enjoyed pets and belly rubs. He is going to make a wonderful pet for some lucky family!

  3. Peggy Cross Says:

    I volunteer at Wayside and fell in love with Hamilton. My son and his wife are going to adopt him!!! I am so excited….he is going to be my granddog!!!Thanks for saving that precious guy. You guys are amazing!

  4. Emily Says:

    Hooray! Congratulations on your new addiiton! He’s such a sweet, funny boy, and *SO* handsome.

  5. Emily C Says:

    Peggy that is so exciting! I’m so glad to know he is going into a wonderful home. You’ll have to keep us all posted and send pics of Hamilon with his new family.

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