Akita Boy

We received a call about a dog whose dog house was too little for him. He had no hay or anything and he was living in an old statuary company lot. I sent some volunteers over to check it out and they said that the dog is very shy and just stayed away from them. They said his house was too little for him, but they didn’t have a large dog house on board. So they put some hay in the house that was there and left him food and water.

The next day the awful snow started and it was so cold. Emily and I loaded up a large dog house, hay, food and water. We headed over and when we pulled up, the dog was in his small house and just his head was sticking out. I was thinking that maybe the house he had was fine and then he came out of there and he is huge! He’s about a 90 lb. Akita mix-a stunning dog! He is very shy and just tried to stay as far away as possible from us. He dug his pig ear, though! His tie-out has a bunch of crap wrapped all around it. There was no way we were going to get close enough to him to change his tie-out, so I left a super-weight new cable laying on a pallet in hopes that whoever is feeding him will put him on it. We will monitor this big boy and try to make friends. We will probably end up being his best friends in the world. We are all so many of these dogs have. No one else has shown them any kindness whatsoever. Thank you for keeping us out there-it is such important work. We go boldly in the hood to advocate for the animals. We appreciate and rely on your support.


2 Responses to “Akita Boy”

  1. Emily Says:

    I had forgotten about the tie-out you left! I stopped and threw him a pig ear last week, and either they replaced the tie-out, or they got the message and cleaned and untangled his old one, because I could see the tie-out was clean and straight… because it was stretched right into his new igloo doghouse, safely out of the wind! Such good thinking to leave that, even though we couldn’t get close enough ourselves! He’s already a happier boy, and his humans are stepping up a bit.

  2. Alana Says:

    There’s a new dog (yellow lab, not much smaller than the Akita) chained to the smaller original dog house this weekend 😦

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