Blind Marlan-Special Boy Needs a Foster Home

We had a very sad case today. We were in the hood and looked down through some backyards and saw a brown pit bull chained to a dog house and he was just standing there kind of weird. He wasn’t moving and just seemed to be staring straight ahead for minutes. He looked like a good body weight, but we decided to go around the block and give him some hay. Thank God we did. There are so many times that I say that-Thank God we turned down this street, or turned that corner, etc. It’s incredible that we always find something we’re supposed to find.

Brittney and I started toward the backyard and we saw the dog still just kind of staring weird. As we approached him, it was obvious that he was blind. He was searching the air for smells, etc. to figure out who we were. He was pretty growly at first, just scared and confused. He had a very heavy tow chain around his neck with a padlock on it.  He had no food, no water and there was no hay or anything in his dog house except snow. It was a horrible situation, really bad.

The back door opened and a woman asked if she could help us. I explained who we were and asked her about the dog. She said her grandson had moved to a place where he couldn’t have a pit so he brought him over and chained him in her backyard. I told her that the dog was blind and she was surprised and said she hadn’t known that. She said her grand-daughter had gone out to feed him the day before and when she came in she said that he was looking at her “weird”. These people did not care about this poor boy whatsoever. They didn’t even know that he was blind. It’s beyond disgusting.

I told the woman that she could sign him over to Chain of Hope and we would take him. I told her that if animal control would come over there that she would receive several citations. She said she would have to ask her grandson if he wanted to give him up and I told her that since the dog had been there for more than 3 days, she was considered the owner and she would receive the citations. She then said that she’d sign him over. She said that she would have to call the grandson to bring the key to the padlock over so that we could get all of that shit off of this poor dog. We told her that we had some more stops to make (trying to get hay to as many as possible) and that we’d touch base in a couple of hours.

We swung back by in the late afternoon. She had the key to the padlock and she signed the relinquishment form. Brittney and I went back and tried to talk to Marlan and give him treats, but he was just too scared. There was blood on the snow and we discovered that he was bleeding from his foot and from his mouth. It wasn’t a lot of blood,  just more things this boy was dealing with.

Marlan was growling and was very nervous. There was no way we were going to get that padlock off of him. We decided that we would have to get him on the control stick and then cut the chain with our bolt cutters. We got him on the pole and continued talking to him, etc. He was so scared. The tow chain was thick and it was pretty hard to cut, but we got it. Then we had the long walk to the SUV, coaxing him all the way. We finally got him up on the seat of the truck. He was a little upset and a little growly, so instead of Brittney sitting in the backseat to go back to Chain of  Hope, she sat on Judy’s lap the whole way back! We gave Marlan his space and eventually he just relaxed and laid down. He was happy to finally be warm, I think.

When we got back to Chain of Hope, I sat in the SUV with him for a long time and just started petting him and talking to him. After a while, he was groovin’ on the scratching and pets and would move toward me when I stopped. I decided to start trying the keys on the key ring the lady had given me. I just slowly tried every key until one finally clicked. When it did, there was a loud clunk as the chain fell to the floor of the truck. It was very heavy and we only had part of it-the rest was still attached to the tree. Imagine what this poor boy had been dragging around. I wanted that stuff off of him so bad. I know he wanted it off even worse, of course! His skin was not broken, but it was very scabby and the hair was missing where that damn chain had been around his neck. This really was so very sad.

Finally, I was able to  just pick  him up and carry him into Chain of Hope. Brittney and Judy had a nice little apartment set up with a crate and an x-pen around it. I sat in his pen with him and pet him and talked to him. He was not freaking near as much. He’s going to be ok. Marlan absolutely needs a foster home to recover in. He’s obviously been through so much. He needs a lot of TLC. We’ll get him into the vet in a few days when he’s settled in a little bit. Right now, he’s sound asleep in his cushy crate. As so often is the case-it was a sad day, but a good day.

Thanks for keeping us out there.


12 Responses to “Blind Marlan-Special Boy Needs a Foster Home”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Kate I’m glad I wasn’t with you today. I would not have maintained any sort of calm. At all. I would’ve went off on that piece of shit woman and called her piece of shit son and asked why the FUCK they needed a 60-lb tow chain and how the FUCK they could let him live out there like that. You are an angel Kate. ANd Brittany and Judy. THANK YOU for saving him.

  2. Errol Greene Says:

    God Bless you all for helping this poor guy. It gives me hope that sometimes, good things happen. And in this case, you were an instrument of a higher power. Let us know if you find a home for this fellow- he’s been through too much already.

  3. angie morgan Says:

    I check up on what you’re doing every day and I am SO, SO glad you do this! You are true heros for these little lovable souls. I lived in Kansas City for 6 years and I can only imagine what situations still exist there.Thank god for people like you who are so compassionate. Next time I’m in KC, I would love to come by and say hello and offer more donations!!! Keep up the great work and I am going to keep posting your blog entries on my facebook to spread the word!

  4. Emily Says:

    Look at that short fur coat!! Pits should not be outside in this cold weather for more than a bathroom break. Thank you so much for getting that freezing cold, heavy chain off of him and carrying him to a soft, warm bed. He is still not sure exactly what’s going on, but he is too busy burrowing into a pile of fuzzy blankets and napping to worry about it right now.

  5. Amy Says:

    Thank you, Chain of Hope! This boy owes you his life!

  6. Duck Says:

    thank god you found Marlan. I feel like i should go outside and lay down in the snow for 3 or 4 hours just to level the playing field a tiny bit…oops i left out blindfold myself first. How many more Marlans are out there in this or other neighborhoods ? People never cease to…..

  7. Kim Says:

    After seeing this, I am just so pissed off!!! How can people not get charged with animal cruelty?!!! Poor, poor Marlan…It’s too bad that people cannot additionally be fined for f**king stupidity, ignorance, and lack of empathy, but I guess there isn’t enough time in a day to cover that one…thanks for your bravery and for saving another life COH..I just sent in another monetary donation last night. God Bless…

  8. Carol Coe Says:

    COH is a godsend to these animals. I do not understand people like this, and I never will. Every night I tell my dogs that all dogs (and my cats) should live like they do, and I know that’s what you all are trying to make happen. I have no concept of the mentality that would allow someone to padlock a dog to a tree – ever, but particularly in this weather – and just leave them there. I seriously cannot conceive of that notion in my head. I thank God for you all every single day.

  9. Marci Says:

    This story could have had a much sadder ending, but thanks to the work that you do, there is hope for this guy who deserves so much better.

  10. Samantha Gooch Says:

    You guys do wonderful work! Thank you.

  11. Danielle Says:

    Bless ya’ll so so so so much! I pray that others come forward to assist you all and bring you all the help, supplies and support you could need!

  12. Jami Says:

    thank god you came along for this poor boy.. who knows how long he has lived back there not being able to see anything. just standing all hunkered over like that for hours or maybe days?? ppl make me sick.. sometimes i am ashamed to be part of that human kind… but more than that thankful i am not a dog.. who knows what kind of life I would have to live..because of those awful humans who couldnt give a crap.. thank you again for saving him… hug him for me plz!!

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