Chain of Hope received a call from a man needing food for his dog. We went over and this is what we found. We are calling this sweet baby Willow. We found Willow living on a chain in a mud pit, totally emaciated. It was the saddest thing to see her in that backyard. She looked like she didn’t have long in this world. The guy said that he had had her about 5 yrs. and that she had had a litter of puppies last year. This poor baby has been through so much. I told him that she was probably heartworm positive and could be in the final stages of it. He signed her over to me and we brought Willow down to Chain of Hope.

Willow is slowly discovering what it means to be happy and have all the food she needs. She definitely needs some TLC so if you would like to foster her, please go to our “Adoptions” link and fill out a foster application for Willow! She’s had a very difficult life.

Thanks for keeping us out there. The calls are coming in and we are out there finding these babies, so thank you!!!


5 Responses to “Willow”

  1. Kim Johnson Says:

    I will never understand why people keep animals when they keep them for yard ornaments and they can’t afford to feed them or vet them. I wish there were dozens of Chain of Hope Rescues!

  2. amy Says:

    Wow! You are making so many strides and inroads this year. I think the media spots and attention and getting your number out have been so beneficial for our neglected friends. Thank you all so much.

  3. Cindy Baker Says:

    This is for all the dogs at COH……and expect something in the mail soon.


  4. Dodie Jacobi Says:

    Blessings on Willow for quickly restored health and blessings on COH for helping her move to a place where she can thrive in love and care!

  5. Linda Says:

    Dear God. It breaks my heart to see this poor baby girl. It is awful to know there are so many out there that will never be found but I am so glad you found her. Now she has a chance at a life of love. So what happens to the man who neglected her? Does he just get another dog? What happened to the puppies she had? I hope they did not go to his friends.
    Willow sure needs time to recover her health. I hope the vet will hold off on her vaccines until she does recover. Her immune system has enough to deal with health wise. Vaccines being for healthy animals only, she is sure not yet healthy. Vaccines can be our friend but also very dangerous to sickly animals.

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