Mikey and Roscoe

Meet Mikey and Roscoe. We’ve been monitoring and caring for these two dogs for about 2 yrs. now. They live on their chains 24/7. They are never brought inside. Mikey is such a love-he just wants attention and pets and kisses. Roscoe is a little more reserved, but he’s a good boy, too. We’ve given these two proper shelter (you can see in the one pic what Roscoe used to live in). We’ve been frustrated with the conditions that we’ve had animal control over there. These guys NEVER have water. I cannot even remember a time when I’ve gone there in the last 2 yrs. and there has been any water out for these guys. Yet, we’ve given the owner lots of water buckets over the months.  We’ve clipped them to the fence so the dogs can’t knock them over. We’ve put Mikey and Roscoe on tie-outs numerous times. We’ve done just about everything we can do. They did get taken in for neuter and shots when animal control got involved, but that’s it. Their living conditions haven’t changed. These people will simply not step up and animal control won’t do anything more here, so it’s up to Chain of Hope.

We know that we will have to monitor these dogs until the day they die. That’s the only way that we can keep them healthy and alive. The sad thing is that we have many dogs in the metro area that are like this. We monitor lots of dogs to make sure that they don’t fall through the cracks. Once we intervene, we stay engaged with the owners and the animals. We are constantly trying to educate and give the people the resources they need to improve the care of their animal. There are times, however, when the people simply will not step up and do the right thing and if the animal has shelter-usually animal control on either side of the state line will do nothing  about it. It’s frustrating. Especially when we see the wonderful personalities that these dogs have. They have just as much love to give as our own dogs do, yet they sit on that chain year after year after year.

These guys get so excited when we pull up. They love the rawhides, treats and toys, so keep them coming! These things bring much joy to our chained up friends. Mikey had a good time trying to bury his rawhide today. He put a lot of effort into that burial!

Thank you for keeping us out there.


6 Responses to “Mikey and Roscoe”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Will the owners not sign them over to you? Or are the conditions not sever enough to warrant their removal? I just don’t understand why people like that even have animals. What’s the point if they are going to be neglected and mistreated?? Animals are supposed to be a member of the family!! They wouldn’t chain their human kids or relatives out in the yard with no food water or shelter… why do they think it’s ok to do that to the furry kids????? I hope Mikey and Roscoe’s situation gets better soon. They don’t deserve the life they are forced to live 😦

  2. Kim Says:

    I agree with Hannah. I feel so bad for those babies, but they are lucky they at least have you. They know you love them!! Why those terrible people even have them is beyond comprehension. I hope when the people get old they are treated just as bad. What comes around goes around. Thank God for you. I supported you at Hy-Vee and through donations and will definitely continue to do so.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    It makes me so sad for the dogs and so angry at the people!!! I agree with you Hannah!! Why did these people even get them only to chain them up outside and just leave them? You are right, animals should be a member of the family!!! And these poor souls are being neglected by the owners!!!! Without COH they would not even have proper shelter and water and treats and love!!!! I wish these animals could be taken and give to a proper loving home!!!!!!

  4. Nancy Transue Says:


    Please get a copy of the 12 Rules of Pet Ownership in Kansas Cirt, Mo.
    It states that food and water must be changed daily; water more often in cold weather. If a dog is tethered, the owner must offer some freedom from continuous chaining.

    I know they do not enforce this but it should be shown to the animal control officer as it clearly states the above.

    Thank yo

  5. Nancy Transue Says:

    It is so heartbreaking that people can be so uncaring like this.

    Thank you so much for all the help you have given to me.

  6. norita Says:

    What would the owners say to the question “what is your favorite part of being a pet owner.”

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