Update on Amelia

Amelia was rescued a couple of weeks ago with a terribly embedded collar. She is doing fabulous! Thank you for your donations so that we can pay the medical bills on animals such as Amelia. You can see how much better she is now. The best part is that she’s a VERY happy girl. She’s good with other dogs, is learning to play, and is learning that people can be pretty nice!

Amelia needs a foster home as she is put up for adoption. She is only about 30-35 lbs. If you’re interested in fostering Amelia, please go to our Adoption link on our website and fill out the foster application.


5 Responses to “Update on Amelia”

  1. colleen mcconnell Says:

    i will foster her and I would love to adopted her as well

  2. colleen mcconnell Says:

    please let me know about this sweet girl.
    email is colleen-mcconnell@comcast.net
    I am interested in giving her a loving home.
    I have 2 boys ages 3 and 6. Married for 13 years. I work from home
    I have 2 chiuauas ( 2 girls) that are about 5 months old.
    We would give her the love she needs
    thank you

  3. Hannah Says:

    Good for you Colleen!!!! I hope you adopt her and she gets to find out what the “good life” is all about!!! 🙂

  4. Swetha Says:

    I met her today while at COH. You should adopt her Colleen! She is an absolutely beautiful, loving dog, who deserves the best home!

  5. colleen mcconnell Says:

    I would like to meet her but not sure where to go to do that? I did leave a message at chain of hope for them to call me back so maybe we can have a meeting with Miss Amelia!

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