This is a hard blog to look at and read about, but I will not shy away from letting everyone know what is happening out there. I have had several of these type of cases over the years. They’re horrible and there’s no excuse for it. These kinds of things are often happening just 15 minutes from your house. Chain of Hope is out there battling for these animals everyday. Thank you for keeping us out there.

Chain of Hope had noted a house that had two dogs that needed hay. Volunteers stopped by last Sunday and discovered that one of the dogs had a terrible embedded collar. The collar was in her neck, there was blood and pus all around her neck and it stunk to high heaven. Chain of Hope got her into the Humane Society of Greater KC for surgery. It is because of your support that we are able to get help for these animals and pay our medical bills.

HSGKC performed her surgery. The doctor called me that day and wanted to let me know that this was not the first time this had happened. There was a band of scar tissue from a previous embedded collar. This poor girl has suffered horribly in her life. She is heartworm positive and her little ear tips are gone and her ears are scarred from the flies eating on them in the summer months. She is very thin. She shows very telltale signs of having had a very hard life and she now deserves the best.  We named this beautiful girl Amelia. She is a golden Chow mix probably, maybe 4 yrs. old. Amelia was a little difficult at first, but I know she felt so bad and had to be in so much pain.  Everyday she is feeling better and better. She lets me love on her, but it takes a little bit for her to warm up to a stranger. She’s going to be just fine. Her neck is looking good and she is starting to enjoy life. Yesterday, she discovered what a ball was. It was like a small kickball and she was knocking it around with her paws,  having a wonderful time.  It was a beautiful thing to watch. I feel very fortunate for being able to do this work. Thank you for keeping Chain of Hope going.


5 Responses to “Amelia”

  1. Amy Palmer Says:

    The pictures are hard to look at, but necessary for people to understand what is happing out there.

  2. Paige M Says:

    In my eyes, this is exactly the same as child abuse! Horrifying and unacceptable! If only the eyes of the law could see it the same… until then, I continue to donate to Chain of Hope and tell everyone who will listen to me about this amazing organization and their life saving work. I’ve also been asking everyone I know to save COH’s phone number in their cell phone and to call if they ever see a dog in desperate need of an angel. Thank you Chain of Hope!

  3. angie morgan Says:

    thank goodness for people like you and your team! i fully support your compassion for these poor dears and hope that people will be more aware and take action to help!!!

  4. Carrie WOod Says:

    Thank you so much! I posted and kept posting to take care of your animals during the sub below freezing temps. People just have no compassion or are ignorant to the pain of animal souls. Cannot thankyou enough for your smart, genuine care of saving animals

  5. carol Says:

    Thank God for Chain Of Hope. This poor dog is so lucky now that you found her. She looks like she may be mixed with some Norwegian Elkhound, she looks like mine and it would explain her smaller frame. what a beauty – thank you for all your amazingly hard work.

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