Momma Tied to Tree with Babies

Last Sunday, one of our outreach teams was in KCK and spotted a momma dog tied to a tree, with two puppies that were loose, but staying pretty close to momma. We went around the block, went up to the door and began talking with the owner. This poor momma had had a previous litter of 9 puppies before and then had 7 in this litter. They had given the rest of them away and there were these two left. They did not want them and allowed us to go ahead and take them. We have momma set up for a free spay next Monday and her reproducing days will be over.

This momma was tied with a thick rope to the tree, so we got her on a decent collar and a cable tie-out, giving her a lot more room to get around. They did not want to give her up, so all we can do is get her spayed and set her up the best we can. We will put her on our monitoring list so that we can make sure she doesn’t fall through the cracks again. I will say that all three of these dogs were well fed-that is something that these owners were doing, as well as momma having a good doghouse (which is better than we often find).

The puppies are adorable and Wayside Waifs was able to take them for us-thank you, Wayside!

Thank you for keeping us out there! It is so important that we’re out driving the alleys, etc. and finding these situations!


5 Responses to “Momma Tied to Tree with Babies”

  1. LeeAnn Says:

    Why are they outside. Can you tell me if its illegal to leave pups or dogs like that outside?

  2. Courtney Says:

    If it weren’t for people like Chain of Hope, dogs like this wouldnt survive. Bless you and all your volunteers…

  3. Debra Says:

    You guys are simply angels! Bless you and your volunteers!!

  4. Dawn Says:

    The puppies are adorable! So thankful you guys are out there!!!

  5. Kim Tabales Says:

    This makes me sick–the owners say they will not give her up, but why??!! It is clear they have no interaction with her and she is out there in the freeezing cold among all the trash laying around her–makes me so frickin’ angry!! She looks so sad as her last babies are taken away–now she will have no companionship–what a lonely and sad life. : ( Thanks to COH for your continued work to save lives out there..keep fighting for change and continue to educate those ignorant people out there. There are so many services out there offered to people to help with their pets–as links, we need to keep spreading the word and educate others—we can never give up..

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