Chain of Hope received a call last week from a woman concerned about a dog that just lived in the neighborhood because her owners had left about a yr. ago and left her behind. The woman told me that the dog was always somewhere on the block between 10th and 11th streets on Askew. She said that her owners moved a year ago and left her. The dog was always just laying somewhere on the block and sometimes even laying in the middle of the street. I asked the woman if she fed her and she said no. How do you NOT feed a poor dog like this? Geez…..

Anyway, we were having the super cold weather, so we headed over to see if we could find her. As soon as we turned onto Askew, we saw her sleeping in the grass on the side of the road. She was laying in the sun. The woman had told me that no one could touch her, so I didn’t really know what to expect. We whistled and yelled, but she didn’t wake up. I tossed some hot dog pieces and landed them pretty close to her nose, but  she didn’t wake up. I started to think that she was deaf. I went right up to her and stomped on the ground, thinking she’d feel the vibration and wake up, but she didn’t. I finally touched her with my foot and she woke up. She looked kind of disoriented, but got up as fast as she could and started trying to trot away from us. It was apparent as we watched her trying to trot down the sidewalk that she was having a hard time, it looked like she had arthritis or something. We hustled behind her and I got the control stick on her. We got her into a crate and loaded her on the van. The smiles on the faces of the volunteers show how glad we were that we did catch her and got her off the streets and could now help her.

I couldn’t get her into a vet that late in the day, so we brought her down to Chain of Hope and set her up for the night. I started thinking that we would let her settle in, start eating well, we would de-worm her and just kind of evaluate her. I wanted her to be happy, but it became more and more apparent that she was not in very good health. I do think she was deaf. We let her just stay at Chain of Hope all the next day. She was not eating a thing and sleeping constantly. Every time I went in the basement to check on her, she’d be fast asleep on her doggie bed. She slept almost all the time. When she did get up, she w0uld drool a lot. She panted pretty heavily. On the third day, I took her to my personal vet. I didn’t know what to make of this poor girl. There was definitely something very wrong with her.

My vet thought that she was at least 13-14 yrs. old, she had severe arthritis, and cardiac disease (her heart sounded terrible). She was in very poor shape. She had not eaten a thing since we had gotten her. We decided to do a heartworm test and she was positive. As sad as it was, I decided that we needed to put her down. I could not put her through heartworm treatment with all of the other medical issues she had and her age being what it was. I knew she was suffering and in pain, it was evident from the way she moved when she did get up. That is why she was always just laying on her dog bed-I think it hurt too much when she tried to get up and move around.

I had asked the woman that called this in to us what this poor dog did last winter and she told me that she was always just out there, laying on the snow. This poor girl had paid her dues. Her people had failed her miserably and we needed to end her suffering. It was very sad. I named her Hazel because that is an “old” name and she was a senior citizen. I wish we could’ve shown her happiness and comfort. I guess in a way we did give her comfort by ending her suffering. Finally, you can rest in peace, Hazel.


6 Responses to “Hazel”

  1. Vicki Says:

    What was wrong with this stupid woman..!!? She didn’t feed the poor dog…or attempt to help her…and why didn’t she let someone know LAST YEAR about the poor dog out there in the cold all by herself..!! Maybe then she would have had a better chance. To bad they can’t find the people that abondoned her….they should be SHOT..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cindy Baker Says:

    Oh God….~Off to cry~

  3. Brandi Says:

    I really don’t get people. Why do they do this to animals? I will never ever get it. RIP Hazel!

    Chain of Hope….. you work miracles. Even if you can’t save them all, but you do in one way or the other! Thank you for doing what you do!

  4. lisa Says:

    Poor baby Thank you for getting her out of the cold. I HATE what people do to animals. The people that left her should have to lay in the cold and heat as long as she has been.

  5. Kim Johnson Says:

    Kate and your workers, Thank you for the “angelic” work you do. I know your work can be depressing at times and discouraging but know we are so proud of you for what you do. I will NEVER understand how someone can abandon their animal. The only word I can think of to describe them is selfish.

  6. Courtney Says:

    Sadly four legged angels like Hazel have to suffer because of humans selfish, unloving ways. And then good people such as Kate and COH have to make the awful decision to let the animal go humanely and end the suffering it has endured. May all people understand the cost of selfish and how it ultimately effects all things around you. May you rest in peace Hazel and be freed from all the pain and suffering.

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