I got a call one morning as soon as I got into the office from Melissa, who was already a Chain of Hope supporter. She was at the very busy Quick Trip at 43rd and Main trying to catch a very afraid little scruffy dog. She said that the employees told her it had been there since the day before and no one could catch it. They told Melissa that the dog had been trying to follow a homeless guy, but he kept shooing it away. The dog was darting around the parking lot and was going to get hit. Melissa had  been trying and trying to get her, but finally called us for help. I told her I would get my things together and head over. About 5 minutes later, she called me back  and told me that the Quick Trip employees had given her a bunch of free hot dogs and she was finally able to catch the little girl. She had to get to work and didn’t know what to do with it. I told her to go ahead and head down to Chain of Hope with her and I’d take her.

What a cutie!!!  I snapped a picture of Melissa and Goldilocks and then Melissa had to hustle to work. Goldilocks was wearing a ratty sweater that had seen better days. She was a little dirty and matted, but such a sweetie and so glad to have a soft bed to lay in. She pretty much fell asleep right away. Melissa came back by on her lunch hour and gave us a donation for taking Goldilocks-thank you, Melissa!  We kept Goldilocks with us for a few days and then transferred her to Wayside Waifs, who helps us a lot with our dogs. She’ll probably be adopted this weekend!

I always encourage people to try and do something when they see an animal in need and not to just turn away and think that someone else will do something about it. Thanks, Melissa, for not leaving this baby out there on her own. I know Goldilocks thanks you most of all!


2 Responses to “Goldilocks”

  1. anthony mitchell Says:

    Now thats what i call a dogs best friend. God bless you melissa! Anthony M

  2. dru Says:


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