During outreach last Sunday, our team of volunteers came across this wonderful Weimariner running loose in North East KC. He appeared to be a little older and he had lots of tumors on him, which I’ve since found out is a common Weim trait as they age. It was pretty cold out and he appeared to be lost-no collar, no tags, so we coaxed him into the van and brought him down to Chain Of Hope. A couple of days later, one of our volunteers saw an ad on Craig’s List about a lost Weimariner right in the area where we found him. We called the owner and he described him perfectly. Mike came down last night when he got off of work and was reunited with Jackson! Mike was happy, but I wish you could’ve seen Jackson! He was SO excited to see his daddy! He was whining and wagging and jumping around-it was precious to see. Turns out Mike adopted Jackson through Weim rescue about 3 yrs. ago when he was 7 yrs. old. Jackson is a senior citizen now and back home where he wants and needs to be. He wore home his new collar we gave him and he will be getting his ID back on him, Mike assures us! At least Jackson was safe and warm for a couple of days until he could get back with his dad. Have a great rest of your life, Jackson!


6 Responses to “Jackson”

  1. Amy Palmer Says:

    I love hearing stories like this! Thank you Chain of Hope!

  2. Cindy Baker Says:

    These are the kinds of stories I love to hear about. Chain of Hope rides again! Bless all of you!

  3. Shari Says:

    Awe….the awesome stories!!!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Neil Cortus Says:

    Having been involved with rescue for years this drives me a little crazy. Every dog that we adopt out gets a stainless tag that has a 800 number so we can get the dog home very quickly. I am sure you educated Mike on the benifits of identification. Glad you were there.

  5. krisna Says:

    I remember this dog and his owner when I volunteered for SNKC….I know this dog had a collar and tag on when he brought the dog in for his shots,it must have fallen off on his getaway run.Awesome dog and soooo beautiful!

  6. Michelle Maneotis Says:

    Congratulations to you and your team. I appreciate the work you are doing to help pets in need. It is awesome. Thanks for sharing the stories, it really puts things in perspective for everyone. Thank goodness you are out there doing what you can.

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