One of our awesome volunteers, Judy, was in KCK today and came across this sad, freezing German Shepherd in the middle of the street. Judy watched as this poor girl walked very slowly, picking up one foot at a time. I’m sure she was frozen and had ice in her paws. She is emaciated, should probably weigh about 25-30 lbs. more than she does. She was lethargic, frozen and sad. Thank God Judy came across her and stopped. Bella (as she’s been named) walked slowly over to her. Judy ended up having to pick her up to put her in the vehicle, Bella was very weak. She appears to be about 5 yrs. old and I’m guessing heartworm positive. We’ll get her into the vet and get her checked out. She needs a foster home to recover in and to gain her strength back. She is in desperate need of some TLC. Fill out a foster app on our website or call 816-221-8080.

Bella is beautiful, just like her name says. She is sweet and grateful-she kept kissing us and licking us. I know she was saying thank you! Bella owes her life to Judy because I don’t think she was long for this world, especially as bad as it’s going to be tonight. Thank you for keeping us out there.


7 Responses to “Bella”

  1. Amy Says:

    Hello! I’m so glad you found Bella and got her into a safe environment. I wanted to post to let you know that I think my boyfriend and I found her about a year and a half or so ago. We can’t be 100% sure but we found a dog by the Landmark Lofts (4th and Washington) who had been without food/water for a while and had a coat that had not been cleaned/brushed for some time. We took her to Wayside Waifs because and they told us they had a history with her and her name was Bella. She was an absolute sweetheart and kissed us just as you described. She also had a beautiful face and I really think that you saved her again today. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that bit of history in case it helps in some way! We have two dogs and live in a loft or I would love to give her a forever home myself! If you have any questions please email! Best wishe!

  2. Janet Says:

    I’m holding out hope that you may have found my dog. She went missing Sept. 15th of last year. She was lost just West of 635, N of Shawnee Drive and South of Dibbs road. She may have had a faded orange collar with a rabies tag. If it is LD she is approx 5-7 years old, I rescued her Oct. 2009 when she was dumped out near my farm. I had her Spayed March of 2010 and had her treated for Heartworm in May. LD is a Houdini when it comes to Fences. She loves to lay in an all wire Kennel. If it is LD she is very shy to people and almost acts like she’s been mistreated. I left a message on your answering machine. Please call me when you can in case you may have found her. Thanks! Janet

  3. Eric Says:

    Way to go Judy! I miss seeing you at Wayside Eric

  4. Linda Says:

    You can see how weak she is just looking at her picture. It makes my heart ache to think she has suffered like she has. God bless you all for helping her, loving her and saving her. I love you all and what you do. I dont know if I will ever understand why the innocent have to suffer.

  5. linda hansen Says:

    I am vvery interested in becoming Bella’s foster mom, perhaps you can guide me through this?

  6. Susan Keil Says:

    Any updates on the status of this dog? Is ‘Bella’ Janet’s lost dog? Has a foster home been identified? Do you need donations to help specifically with Bella?

  7. John Says:

    I was also interested in how Bella is doing. I sent this post to my wife. We are interested in Bella if she is available for adoption. We have a 10 Year old GSD named Jenna who we rescued back in 2000 from Marcelline or marshal (can’t remember) Mo. We lover her dearly and we are looking to adopt another German Shepard. I am wondering if she is a Pure Bread from her markings it would seem that she is. Please let us know if she is available. Thanks for reading this.

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