Cassie, Our Little Piglet

Cassie has quite a story. We actually first encountered Cassie many months ago when she was crossing busy Truman Road. We pulled over to try and get her out of the traffic. She ended up crossing safely and trotting down the sidewalk like she new where she was going. She went into the front yard and ended up trying to talk with the people, although they did not speak English and we didn’t have anyone with us that day that spoke Spanish. What we did get from them was that she had been a stray and they wanted to keep her. We gave them a tie-out cable and told them that they had to confine her because she had almost gotten hit on Truman Road. We gave them our info and told them to call us if they decided they didn’t want her and we would take her from them. We talked about spaying her, etc. and left. They never called us and frankly we kind of forgot about this situation. Then we fast forward……

A couple of Chain of Hope volunteers spotted a white dog and another black dog hanging out at an abandoned school at 27th and Lawndale. They put down food and water and some hay back in an alcove of the school. One of the volunteers would go by every so often and leave food and see what was up but she didn’t see the dog, although something was sleeping in the hay! After no one having gone by after a month or so, the volunteer decided to go back by and check on things. There was the white dog and she was pregnant. Poor thing. The volunteer called me and I went over with the control stick. I was able to get her on the control stick without much problem, although she was growling at us a bit. Somehow, while a volunteer was holding her waiting to load her in the van, the loop came off of her head and she bolted! She was a little freaked out, so we called a couple of other volunteers to bring us our dog trap. We set the trap with some chicken nuggets, but she was not going to go in that trap. She stood in front of it, walked around it, but she would not go in there. We finally decided to pull the trap, let her settle down and try again the next day.

We went back the next day and almost got her cornered in her alcove, but she got around our barricade (these street dogs are smart!) and took off. We decided to go do some other calls, let her settle down again, and try later. Kind of as an after-thought, I decided to go ahead and set the trap anyway-this time with canned catfood! We left to do other outreach calls and came back in about an hour. There was our girl, finally in the trap. We loaded her up and brought her back down to Chain of Hope. We elected to spay her the next day.

Cassie came back down to Chain of Hope and is hanging out here. She spent about 3 days in her crate just sleeping and resting. She’d been through a lot and was exhausted. Trying to survive on the streets is a tough thing.  About the 4th morning here, when I came downstairs and was greeted by Danny, Cassie was up and out of the crate, trotting around her X-pen and excited to see me! She is now such a happy little girl. We call her our white piglet-she reminds us of one! Others say she looks like a larger French Bulldog. All I know is that she is adorable and she has a wonderful personality. It takes her a little bit to warm up to a new person, but she does and then you’re her best friend. Cassie has a snaggle-tooth smile and it is so endearing-just look at that face. She’s only knee-high and has a little piglet tail. Cassie is heartworm positive and will begin her heartworm treatment in the near future. She went home with Dana and Ashley today to be fostered.

Thanks for keeping us out there! There are many, many “Cassies” that need us.


3 Responses to “Cassie, Our Little Piglet”

  1. Barbara Varhol Says:

    Kate, you and your outreach volunteers never cease to amaze me. I pray for the day when you don’t have anymore stories to post but until that happens,I thank you and will continue to help with the dogs at WR. Volunteers, of any type, are such a special breed. We are committed to our causes and love the example that you as the leader set for all of us.

  2. Josephine Says:

    You are all angels helping 4 legged angels! Thank you for all you do…

  3. Shari Says:


    Thanks for sharing Cassie’s story; well said. Very excited for her to be in a Home and treated so kindly. Ditto to B.V.s comments. 🙂

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