You may remember this gorgeous Shepherd from the blog called “Heartache”. His name is Chance now and he is an awesome boy! Chain of Hope volunteers noticed him behind a fence in the front of a house. He was in a type of make-shift pen, no food, no water. He was very, very thin. He had an old wooden doghouse, no straw or hay. Chain of Hope had to call KCPD to get AC out there on a Sunday, but we did and they came and impounded this boy. We kept an eye on him at AC and we pulled him out of the shelter when he became available. We couldn’t let Chance get euthanized, especially after the horrible life he’d already lived. That is awesome Marlan from Halfway Home telling Chance good-bye.

After quite a bout of diarrhea and respiratory illness, Chance is finally on the mend. He was so emaciated and his immune system was so down, he was a pretty sick boy. But he has battled back and is finally on the road to good health. He is a purebred German Shepherd and when he fills out and his coat starts responding to good nutrition, he will be absolutely stunning! Chance is currently in boarding. If you’d be interested in fostering or adopting Chance, please go to “Adoptions” on our website and fill out a foster or adoption application. He is a wonderful boy!




One Response to “Chance”

  1. Barbara Varhol Says:

    I had forgotten how skinny he was. He has definitely been able to gain weight since under our care and he even smells and looks better after his first bath ever! He is a doll. Today was the first day that he barked at the dogs in daycare when we passed on our walk. He pulled very hard to get to the fence but I held him back. Good signs of his improved health.

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