Chain of Hope received a call about this tiny 5 lb. puppy chained to a tree 24/7. It had been out there all night, crying. The people had had this little girl for a mo. and she spent the overwhelming majority of her time chained to the tree. Finally the neighbors called Chain of Hope and we went over and got this little girl. Macy could not stop shaking she was so cold. She was super hungry as well-she had no food, no water out there. Macy came back to Chain of Hope and went into a warm, soft crate with lots of food and water.


4 Responses to “Macy”

  1. Lysa Byous Says:

    Does she need a foster home? I might lose my husband over another dog BUT she looks like our old man (a Westie) that I could get him to change his mind!

  2. amy Says:

    Awwww this little girl is so cute how could someone do that I hope they get a well deserved punishment for it. I’m glad she is in good safe hands now

  3. mackie Says:

    do you need a foster home for her? I have two small dogs that would love to keep her company. let me know if I can help

  4. Tori Cannon Says:

    I am definitely interested; we have had 3 Westies but our last little Lucy died in January, 2010 at the age of 14. My sister, Leslie Janasz is a foster parent for rescue dogs and sent me this link!

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