Heart Ache

I have a couple of sad stories here, but I want you guys to know what we go through every week.

We had been getting calls from a woman in North East for about 2 weeks total. She said that there were 2 white shep/husky mixes in a backyard and one of them couldn’t get up. She didn’t have an address, but just described how to get to the house. We went over the next day and tried to find it and we could not find this place. We drove and drove and couldn’t figure out what she was talking about. She called again and I talked to her. I told her I’d been over and couldn’t find it and that I needed an address. She still didn’t have it and just began describing it all over again. I took really detailed notes, I thought, but once again we could not find it. The woman called again and I told Michele to tell her that she couldn’t call again unless she had a house number and a street name. It was incredibly frustrating to not to be able to find these dogs that sounded like they were in  a bad situation. The next day, the woman finally called with the address. We headed over and saw exactly what she was talking about. There were 2 white dogs in the yard. One was running around the fenced-in yard, dragging part of a tie-out. The other dog looked pretty old and was laying on the snow. His head was up, he was alert, and he was eating, we thought. When we finally got ourselves up on the fence and looked down, we could see that there was no food in the bowl, he had just been licking the bottom of the pan. He was hungry and/or thirsty. The entire backyard was fenced with a white van inside the fence. The gate was chained and padlocked. The front yard is fenced, too, and chained and padlocked so we couldn’t get up to the door. Lindsay just yelled and yelled for someone to come out, but no one did. We finally went behind the house and talked to a neighbor, who told us that the old dog could get up, but it took him awhile and then he just kind of struggled to walk around the backyard a little. She told us that the white van was the guy’s car and that he was home.

This was a difficult situation and we had to meet the news at a different location very shortly. We decided to think about this and try to come up with a solution and come back when we were done with the news. One of the houses that the news came to with us was this German Shepherd. Lindsay and Ingrid spotted him, thank God. He was literally in a shithole. It was more disgusting than even the pix show. He had no food, no water, no hay, he was emaciated. We poured food over the fence and he began devouring it.

I called KCPD because that is how we have to get animal control to come out on a Sunday, through the police dept. A couple of super nice officers arrived and they had already called  animal control while driving to our location. While waiting for animal control, we had an opportunity to talk with the officers and also to assist another dog across the street. The officers told us that if we ever needed them to please call and they would get animal control out for us. I started telling the officer about the house not too far away with the white dog that couldn’t get up. He said he was going to ask AC to go over there as well and so we all headed over. The girls and I were the first ones to arrive back over there and when we pulled up, our hearts skipped a beat. The white dog was laying in the yard, dead. The white van was gone, the gate was re-padlocked and someone had thrown some kind of towel or blanket over him. We were in shock. It was so hard to believe that just 1 1/2 hrs. ago, this dog was alive and now he was dead. It was beyond sad. It makes us want to crawl in a hole and hide from all of this, but we can’t. It’s just too much for our hearts to handle sometimes, but we must press on in the urban core. The animals needs us desperately. Thank you for keeping us out there.

The other white dog had gotten out of the yard somehow and was running around the neighborhood, still dragging a hunk of tie-out cable. Eventually he ran back into the back yard and the ACO got him. He is at Halfway Home and is currently up for adoption.

We received a call Friday morning from a woman in KCMO that I had helped about a month ago.  We had neutered and vaccinated her little Shih-Tzu mix named Cocoa. She called and said that Cocoa was sick and she didn’t have any money. She said he was vomiting, having some diarrhea and was really lethargic. I told her it sounded like parvo, except the dog was about 2 yrs. old and an indoor dog-low risk factors for parvo. I wasn’t sure what was going on and told her I’d head over and see what I thought.

When she brought Cocoa out from the back room, Judy and I were appalled. Cocoa was almost dead. He was barely conscious, he was totally dehydrated, his heart was barely beating and he was cold. One of his eyes was totally crusted over with dried green pus. We had them sign him over to us and we took off for the vet. I told the owners that I was almost certain that Cocoa waasn’t going to make it and they seemed really shocked at that. Imagine that! I held Cocoa out and said “look at him! he is barely breathing now!”. We got over to the vet and unwrapped the towel and Cocoa had had bloody diarrhea. It may have been parvo or a severe case of parasites-not sure. Regardless, the vet said what we already knew and that was that it was kinder to go ahead and end Cocoa’s suffering. We stroked him and told him we loved him and Cocoa slipped away.

This is a difficult job. Pray for us, if you’re so inclined.


4 Responses to “Heart Ache”

  1. Kim Tabales Says:

    I cannot stop sobbing..how can people do this?!!! I am SO angry.. I pray for you and know that you are all angels for the work that you do. This breaks my heart and I can only imagine how you all must be feeling, but know that you are saving lives too and without you, many more animals would be suffering. I am so sorry for this loss…may God bless you all and continue to give you strength to do this work.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Bless you for helping these suffering animals. I am a visiting nurse in urban KCMO and I see dogs all the time. I keep a bag of dog food in my car and stop and feed them where ever I can, but I see so many dogs suffering every day and I feel so helpless to save them. Jesus said in the book of Matthew “What you have done for the least of these you have done for me.” Thank you for dedicating your self to save “the least of these.” God bless you and the work that you do.

  3. Krisna Says:

    Please tell me that these people were prosecuted and fined for the death of this dog!They should be banned from ever owning another animal for as long as they live.

  4. Nancy Transue Says:

    Such sad, sad stories it is heartbreaking.

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