I received a call from a woman in KCK that I had helped last year with her animals. She had a puppy that she had seen get hit right in front of her house. When she called me, she had already had her for 2 days, but she said she had a bum leg and wouldn’t use it. We went over and picked her up and that’s when we fell in love with Cookie! Cookie’s leg was pretty swollen and of course, it was a Friday afternoon. We headed to the Humane Society of Greater KC and they examined her. They really felt that we needed an X-ray, which they do not have there. We decided to get little Cookie on pain meds to get her through the weekend. Mon. morning, we took her to Independence Animal Hospital where Dr. Becker examined her and X-rayed her. Poor little Cookie’s femur was broken clear through. She needed surgery to pin it back together, which was done this past week. I’ve been taking Cookie home each night, but she is going to a foster home tomorrow. She has an excellent prognosis and she is just a delightful puppy. Cookie is about 3 1/2 mo. old and has been vaccinated and de-wormed. She stays quietly in a kennel, which she needs to do while she’s healing. Her preference is to sit in your lap, though, but be ready for lots of wet kisses all over your face!

Thank you for your support so that we can help animals like Cookie!


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