Little Porchia lived under a deck, tied to the support post. Most of the time, she was so wrapped around the post that she couldn’t even reach the doghouse. She was always hungry, never had food or water, and was very lonely. We sat in the alley one day, watching her and she was facing the front of the house and barking and barking and her tail started wagging and we watched as the mail carrier came down along the side of the house and gave Porchia a treat! At least the mailman knew that she was there and was nice to her. It was very touching to see that someone cared about that little girl. I know many, many mail carriers that carry treats with them for the animals! Thank God for them.

Little Porchia is now a Chain of Hope dog. She is finally a happy girl getting lots of love and attention. We all love Porchia. She is just adorable and such a sweetheart. The vet said that she is about 4 yrs.old and she is heartworm positive. Porchia is now spayed and vaccinated and will begin her heartworm treatment in the near future. She will need a foster home to recover in. If you’re interested in fostering Porchia, please call 816-221-8080.


2 Responses to “Porchia”

  1. Megan Says:

    Funny, when I was growing up I saw a box of dog treats in our house once. I asked my dad about them (since we didn’t have a dog), and he said he brought them to work with him. Turns out he had been doing it for years and I never noticed. He was a mailman, too. 🙂 I guess it was meant to be that I turned into a dog lover!

  2. Ted Says:

    Two toy vehicles, two basketball goals, bicycle with child seat – they can afford this and more. Their deck and stairs look to be in good shape, not too old. But we cannot afford heartworm preventative for Porchia, or to fully fence the back yard for her, or allow her to live indoors with us. You all are angels to these poor animals. God Bless You!!

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