Puppy Round-Up in KCK

We turned down a street in KCK the other day and saw two very skinny little puppies in a front yard. You could see their ribs and little hip bones, but they had big, wormy bellies. They were just loose and one of them was really tiny. We looked all around to see if someone was maybe watching them while they pottied or something like that. No one was anywhere, so we began trying to get them. They were really afraid and very elusive. We were chucking pieces of canned catfood at them and they were really hungry and kept coming forward and eating. Finally, Michael was able to snatch up the smallest one. It was so little and it was very dehydrated. It looked pretty bad. We continued to try to get the other puppy, which was the tan one in the pix. It was quite a bit bigger than the little runt or whoever we had. That little guy was so smart, we ran out of time trying to get him-we had to get back to KCMO to pick up surgery animals from STOPP. We absolutely hated leaving that other puppy, but we had to go.

The next day, Marilyn and I went back over there to look for the puppy. What we found was two more puppies-there was now a black and white one. It was super shy and soon as we started trying to get them, it shot off like a streak and took up the hill. We kept working on the tan one. We sat and talked to him and gave him tasty pieces of food. Many of you have done the same thing many times, I know, so you know how much patience it takes and how frustrating it can be. I always find myself saying to the animal, “your entire life will change for the better if you’ll just make the right decision and come to me!” But they are scared and they don’t trust anymore. Life had scarred them already.

We decided to talk to the home owner where the puppies kind of hung out because it seemed more and more that they were strays or had been dumped. The woman was very nice and said that they had been there for about 3 days and she believed that they had been dumped.

We finally got the little tan guy with the net that we carry. He squealed and carried on for a while, but he’s ok. We did not know where the little black one was, but we went back and talked to the woman about leaving a trap for the puppy behind her house and she was fine with that. I gave her my cell number and Marilyn and I set off to gas up the van and continue with outreach. While gassing up the van, my cell rang and the puppy was in the trap already! We headed back over and got him, took the two of them back to Chain of Hope and reunited them with their sibling. They were finally all back together. They’re adorable. They get in their puppy pile and sleep. They are eating well, we’ve de-wormed them, and they are just eating and pooping-you know what I’m talking about with puppies! But seriously, they are doing well and getting healthy and learning to come out to see people. The black and white one is still the shyest, but he’s coming around. They are feeling better everyday and I am so thankful we got them off the streets.

Thanks for your support so that we can rescue little ones like these!


2 Responses to “Puppy Round-Up in KCK”

  1. sofreshgrooming Says:

    I am so glad you guys do what you do! Today I picked up Wally, one of your dogs’ that is being fostered. He got to run around the dog park and then get a bath. What a sweet kid he is. He is so calm. I’m used to my Airedales which are anything but calm most of the times. Wally is like a breath of fresh air… Hope he and the pups get to find forever homes soon!

  2. Linda Says:

    Those poor babies. Thank God you found them. They remind me of 2 little pups I found once on the side of road. They were both so thin and could not stand any longer they were do weak. The vet I took them to was one of those vets I call a Band Aid vet. She never told me what medical care was available to me for the pups. I would have spent whatever it took to save them. I tried and not knowing any better at the time, went by what the sorry excuse for a vet told me to do. They rallied for a while with me hand feeding them. They tried to bite me too when I handed them food because they were so starved. In the end they died and it broke my heart. I now know that perhaps with better medical care they would have had a better chance, like IV nutrition, bloodwork to see how damaged their internal organs were. They will always live in my heart.
    May God bless you always for what you do for the animals. I love you guys!!

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