Hannah is just about as adorable as they come! We got a call from an anonymous neighbor (thank God for all of the “anonymous neighbors” that call us about suffering animals) regarding a starving Boxer in a backyard, chained with no shelter. The neighbor told us that this dog had been out there for 2 winters like that and she couldn’t stand the thought of her spending another winter out there. I don’t know how she survived.

Hannah’s head didn’t come up out of the bowls it seemd like for hours! It was mostly in the water bowl. This little girl was so very dehydrated, she just couldn’t quench her thirst for a couple of days. But now, she is energetic, having fun playing with Lincoln (anther dog in our program). She is discovering some luxeries, like warmth, a soft bed and and endless supply of food. Hannah needs a foster home, so if you’re interested call the office at 816-221-8080.


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