Goldie’s Existence

We received a call regarding Goldie from an anonymous neighbor. She told us things of concern so we made a visit and this is what we found. Her only shelter was to get behind these mattresses. Hardly warm enough on these freezing cold nights. We talked with the owner and made arrangements to have her spayed last Monday. I picked her up, got her to STOPP animal clinic for her spay surgery and she turned out to be (very early) pregnant with 10 puppies! Can you imagine if she had had a litter out there in the winter under those mattresses? The suffering is unimagineable.

Goldie is shy and unsocialized. She really shies away from her owner. She gets under the fence and gets tangled. We are closely monitoring this situation-going there frequently. We took Goldie an igloo filled with hay the other day, so she now has adequate shelter and thankfully, is now spayed.

It’s a shame because I know that most of the time, these dogs will turn around if we can just get them out of their environment and show them love and affection. We’ve had many like Danny, Wally, McCoy, Ranger, Jasper, Gillis-some shy, scared boys who are doing fabulously thanks to some really dedicated and awesome foster parents and thanks to time. Goldie just needs to get out of that environment and have some time to learn that the world can be a good place and that she is loved. We have so many cases like this, where we can only do the best that we can-which many times means just making the situation for the animal a little bit better. We’d like to be able to rehome every single one we come across in a sad situation, but there just aren’t enough homes or people that can give these dogs the time that they need to heal and recover from solitary, chained lives. It’s an awesome thing to watch a dog blossom and come out of their shell and enjoy life. I know many of you have had that experience, probably several times if you’re in rescue!

There are so many that we check on every week or two that we’d love to be able to give a new life to. It’s a difficult thing to deal with emotionally, but we know if we weren’t out there 6 days a week like we are, many more animals would be suffering for sure so thanks for keeping us out there!


2 Responses to “Goldie’s Existence”

  1. Tammy M Says:

    I encourage everyone to donate, especially now that the weather is getting cold. I donated three Igloo dog houses that sat in my back yard for almost a year unused. It’s nice to see them put to good use!!

  2. Andy Whiteman Says:

    I feel sorry for Goldie. That owner had no business owning a dog. A dog’s place is in a real house not a dog house. Fortunately she didn’t have pups.

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