I went to clean and feed the other morning and when I got off the elevator, it was instantly apparent that the wonderful dogs and puppies that we had in the basement had had quite a party during the night! It really made me laugh-they were all running around, acting so innocent and having the time of their lives. Every single one of them had come off of chains. It was my pleasure to clean up their mess. It was just so great to see them happy with no more worries, just finally loving life. Thank you for helping us do this for these guys. There are many more out there for us to find, so we march on with your support.


3 Responses to “Party!”

  1. Donna Woods Says:

    What a hoot to see all the dogs enjoying themselves thanks to all your efforts to keep them warm, fed and happy! These guys are really blessed! Instead of complaining about the mess they left you had wonderful heart lifting words about what you walked into!
    Thank you “CHAIN OF HOPE” for all you do for these unfortunate animals!

    Donna Woods
    Lee’s Summit

  2. Britton Says:

    Ha, that’s awesome.

  3. Raina Heinrich Says:

    Is the Catahoula available for adoption? I have a neighbor who loves them and is in the market for another one. Maybe it’s not a Catahoula (the brown speckled one) but it sure looks like one.


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