Some of you may remember a previous blog about Danny. Danny lived a lonely, sad life chained to a pole. He was poorly cared for a majority of the time. When we stayed involved very regularly, Danny and the other dogs would look better. When we’d back off a little (due to our volume of calls), things would start slipping. Various family members have moved in and out with their dogs, etc. but Danny was the consistent one that was always chained out there for so long. We went by 2-3 months ago and found Danny in terrible shape. The owner signed him over to us because she did not want us calling animal control, which I was going to do on the spot.

We brought Danny down to Chain of Hope. He was very thin, his skin and coat looked terrible, his ears are scarred from flies eating them and he was heartworm positive. The first time that we put Danny in a crate down at Chain of Hope, he busted out of it in about 10 seconds. We kept trying and thinking he’d settle down, but he absolutely could not stand to be confined in a crate at all. So……Danny became the Chain of Hope basement dog and he loved it! He got used to being walked, fed well, and bathed and he began to settle down. Before, he would always jump on the elevator and just couldn’t stand us to leave him for awhile. Now, he sits nicely and waits as we get on and go upstairs. He always hears us when we’re coming down on the elevator and when we get to the bottom floor and those doors open, Danny is sitting there smiling! He’s always the first thing I see when I get off of the elevator.

Danny became the resident greeter and official welcoming committee. He was so good with whatever dogs we brought in, whether they were here for one night or a couple of weeks. It really was like Danny had a secret language with the new kids, especially the really scared ones. It was like he was whispering to them that this was a good place and it was all going to be ok.

Danny began healing and feeling better. He put on weight and we tell him daily how much we love him getting fat!! He is in the middle of his heartworm treatment and doing very, very well. Danny has gotten to the point where he can lay nicely in a crate without stressing, although it is not neceesary to crate him at all. He is a happy, happy boy and life has finally gotten good for him.

After being at Chain of Hope for about 2 1/2 months, Danny is now in foster care! Susan, who fostered Savannah (a Rottie mix that we had in our program) has volunteered to foster Danny and she is loving having him. He is pretty bonded to her already. Here’s just a few words from one of Susan’s updates regarding Danny:

“We started off the first few nights with him sleeping in my room. But he is a flopper, a snorter, and just in general a rather noisy sleeper and I’m a pretty light sleeper so I turned him loose to sleep wherever he wants to and he mostly sleeps on the couch. Sometimes on his back like a person 🙂

He’s a big fan of rolling over and exposing his belly when he’s in the mood for a belly rub or just in general is showing he wants some playtime and affection. He also loves to just stand nearby and put his head in our laps. He’s so adorable!”

I always think about dogs like Danny that have really paid their dues. I can’t imagine what it’s like to just sit and spend 2, 3, 4+yrs. on a chain with little interaction, minimal food and shelter, and no stimulation whatsoever. We love to get dogs like Danny. When we have given an owner every opportunity to step up, educated them, given them needed supplies and the animal is still in a horrible situation months later-it is an incredible feeling to finally give that animal a shot at a good, happy life and just watch them blossom!

Danny is a very special boy to Chain of Hope. We all love him dearly. Personally, I miss him terribly, but I am so happy that he is with Susan and living in a home environment. He deserves every good thing that happens to him. I miss that happy, smiley face when I get off the elevator but I know that Danny is very happy. I know that Danny knows that he will always have  a lot of girlfriends at Chain of Hope!!! We all go back and forth about whose boyfriend he is!

Thank you, Susan, for opening your heart and home to Danny, just as you did Savannah!


5 Responses to “Danny”

  1. Courtney Says:

    That is the most heartworming story ever….dogs just want to be a part of your life and to think that people out there can’t do that for them are not only hurting the dog, but also themselves, because they bring so much joy in your life. Keep up the GREAT work…perfect example of just how important what you do is.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Look at that face!!! It is beyond me how anyone could ignore those expressive eyes and loving face. In fact, it is beyond me how people can neglect or abuse any animal. Thank you so much for everything you do and bringing much deserved love and care to these animals

  3. Judy Says:

    I held my breath through the first part of this story for fear it would not end well. What a beautiful boy he is and Thank God for Chain of Hope and people like Susan. It’s such a shame that more people don’t know the joy of having an animal companion. They are the most giving creatures and love you without conditions. How could it be any better than that? When you have a pet the benefits are bountiful…..lower blood pressure, companionship, and a good reason to get out of bed everyday. They are fun, loving, and each with their own personality.

  4. Jeannie Says:

    This is truly a heartwarming story. Danny is so lucky, as are so many, but way to many are not so lucky. We all need to do all we can to protect these animals. They did not ask to be born, abused, tortured, starved, etc., by the monsters that they end up with. Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL story, I am so happy for Danny!

  5. Michele Polivka Says:

    I’ve been with Danny Boy since the beginning of his COH journey….he is special. Susan, you are amazing….he is sleeping in her bed…. isn’t that just perfect? Please share Dannys story with a special friend…we know the “right” owner is looking for this kind of love and devotion

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