Another Day and an Update

We’ve had animal control at this house. We are still monitoring, however owners are not receptive. Some improvements have been made, but we will continue to monitor.

We had a call from a woman that said a cat was laying on her porch injured and it couldn’t get up.  She fed many strays in her neighborhood and with the Pepsi grant money that you all voted for, we have spayed and neutered all of her cats now-thank you for voting several months ago! This kitty had been hit by a car and had a broken pelvis. Trish, an awesome vet tech at HSGKC fostered her for alittle while to see if she could heal and regain feeling, but after 2-3 weeks there was no improvement and she had to be put down. She was paralyzed.

We called animal control on this house. It was a disaster. We are following up.

We found a female husky mix chained to a fence in heat and there were several males hanging around. Wally was the only male that we could get. He is awesome! A very sweet dog, very loving and heartworm positive. He needs a foster home to go through his heartworm treatment in. The female husky mix is getting spayed Mon.

No shelter, filthy water.

We found these kids chained up behind a house, under a carport-type thing, but no doghouses or anything. We took them houses, hay, food, treats and toys. The people said that they were brothers and were about 6 mo. old. I took them in last Mon to get neutered and they were both girls! Two girls, 6 mo. old on chains-I guarantee you they both would’ve been pregnant in no time. We are still addressing this location.

We went back to check on the place where McCoy and Ranger came from. We found out through the neighborhood that Elmer, the old man that owned these dogs, has died. Thank God we had gone back and gotten Ranger. Rest in peace, Elmer.

I believe one of the things that makes Chain of Hope so successful is that we monitor a lot of addresses. We don’t just return a dog from getting fixed and never go there again. We educate the owner, help them with supplies and continue to check on these animals. We know the ones that are in much danger of falling through the cracks and we stay on it. Thank you for your support so that we can continue to do this important work.


2 Responses to “Another Day and an Update”

  1. Barbara Varhol Says:

    Great pictures. No need for words on most of them. The expression in the dog’s eyes says it all! Thanks for all the diligent work you do everyday.

  2. Emily Says:

    Wally (the golden mix pictured above) is a magnificent, loving dog. He gives big, gentle hugs, puts his paw in my hand, and will sneak up next to me and just leans his head against me while I am working. He is very relaxed and will walk or run at whatever pace you want. He stays calm when cats are around, whether it’s Cassie at COH messing with him, or stray cats darting in front of us on our walks. He is a beautiful boy and will be a great companion. I’m so happy that he has the chance!

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