Just One Day

For those of you that think that Chain of Hope’s job is depressing, you are right. I thought I’d just show you a typical day in the life of Chain of Hope, out in the field. This doesn’t take into account all the stuff going down at the office all day long. Michele is a Godsend for handling all of that.

I will probably blog about some of the following stories, but just take a look at what Marilyn and I encountered last Thurs.

This is Marley, about a 25 lb. dog. Look at his chain! We had an intervention at this house.

We turned down a side street and found this adorable Shih Tzu mix tied with a leash to a camper shell. We had an intervention at this house as well.

While dealing with the Shih Tzu mix, this very, very pregnant pit bull wandered up to our truck. We had to figure out where she lived and we are dealing with this.

A woman called Chain of Hope because she lost her job and had to move out of her rental house. She had to leave her dogs behind and she moved into her mother’s house, who has Hospice there daily because she is dying. More to come on these dogs later, but we found the female tied to the fence with a leash and no shelter.

Then we had a call from a woman that had rescued this momma and litter from her neighbor who tied the momma dog to a tree with her 4 one week old puppies in a dirt hole she had dug because they had no shelter. The people had just up and moved and left them there.

There is a lot of cruelty and neglect out there, but I am so happy to have your support to keep Chain of Hope going because we really, really are making a difference.


3 Responses to “Just One Day”

  1. Susie Rickel Says:

    WOW I thought what I saw was hard to deal with but God Bless You ALL this looks way harder! I volunteer/foster for the Heart of America Humane Society here in KC and what I see in the shelter isn’t anything compared to what you all face! Keep up the AWESOME work and again GOD BLESS!

  2. Nancy Transue Says:

    What is wrong with people? So sad. People are supposed to be good

    stewarts of God’s creatures. And now lawmakers in Jefferson City and

    breeders even want to repeal Prop B. A very sad statement on alot

    of people.

  3. crystal Says:

    i could never do what you, which is why i am so glad COH can! what would come of all these poor pups otherwise?

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