Puppies Trapped!

We received a couple of different calls regarding these puppies living in the woods and field right on Emmanuel Cleaver Blvd. They were right by the fire station and the firefighters were aware of these puppies as well. There were several adults that they would see now and then. There definitely was a pack living up in the woods.

The morning that we pulled into the fire station parking lot, there was an ambulance sitting there with two women EMT’s and they were very worried about the puppies, who apparently had run across Emmanuel Cleaver and almost been hit several times. Another woman had pulled over and she had almost hit one of them, so she was beside herself as well. We decided to set a couple of cat traps. These babies were about 3 mo. old, they were very thin, and we could not get close to them.

The firefighters were great about checking the traps and calling us. Late that afternoon I went over because I had a message that one of the puppies was in a trap. The other pup was just hanging around the trap unless someone came close. We had set the other two traps further down because we had seen them running in both locations. I went and got one of the other traps and brought it up and set it beside the trapped puppy and within about 15 min. we had the other pup. They were scared to death, but it was the best day of their lives-they just didn’t know it yet!

The puppies hung out at Chain of Hope for about a week while they transitioned to a different life. We got them de-wormed and de-flea’d and they began to get settled. They then went to a wonderful foster place (thanks, Crystal!) where they were toally socialized and loved and cared for.  This Sunday, they are going to Wayside Waifs to find their forever homes. We are continuing to monitor the situation on Emmanuel Cleaver. We would like to trap mom and get her spayed, but it’s hard establishing a pattern over there for this pack. We’ll keep working on it.

Chain of Hope is the only group that will come out and trap, spay/neuter, rehabilitate, and work these feral packs. We have worked several situations like this one and have two other locations working now, too. Sometimes we’re successful and sometimes we’re not. It’s one of the most difficult situations that we deal with when there is a feral mom somewhere with a litter. We will always try, though. Thank you for your support. We are making a difference.


One Response to “Puppies Trapped!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Fantastic work! I would have hated to see something happen to them and winter is coming. Wayside will get them trained in no time where they can go to a forever home and forget about just trying to survive.

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