Cassie update

You may remember Cassie, a little Calico cat we brought into Chain of Hope back in the spring. Cassie had lived at a house where she had gotten a terrible injury to her leg. It was a tear, probably from her getting away from a dog or some kind of animal. Cassie was skinny and absolutely loaded with fleas. She really was not in very good shape. We made arrangements not to take her back and we got her into the vet for spay, vax and antibiotics for her leg. Whatever Cassie had survived, she certainly deserved a wonderful home where she would be cared for.

About the time of us taking in Cassie, a tenant that lived in the building’s cat had passed away and he was looking for a new kitty. He met Cassie and really liked her and so he adopted her. The best thing is that Cassie is just free in the basement (he lives down there) and has lots of space and cool hide-away places to discover. We had 100 bales of hay delivered a couple of weeks ago and Cassie just loves to lay on the bales way up high and just watch over everything that’s going on, including any dogs that are running around.  She is chubby, healthy and happy now and apparently the Queen of the Hay!


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