Sweet, sweet Bobbie! Look at that face! Please network and let’s find Bobbie a wonderful home. He is about 1 1/2-2 yrs. old, about 35 lbs.  He is heartworm negative, neutered and vaccinated.We found Bobbie in a backyard with his chain all tangled up so that he couldn’t reach his doghouse, which only had a dirt floor in it. There was no food and no water. We fed Bobbie and he was absolutely starving. You can see in the one picture that when we put food in his bowl, he just laid his head over his bowl and inhaled the food. We walked over to put water down and he just protected his food and showed his teeth. Poor baby, he was so glad to finally have food. He was matted very badly on his back-big, thick mats all the way to the skin. His situation was so deplorable that we called it in to animal control. We wanted these owners to have citations.

The next day, we went back over to see if animal control had taken the dog or left it there or what. We went in the backyard and found Bobbie exactly as he had been the day before-so tangled that he couldn’t reach shelter. He was still so tangled, yet the people had obviously put a fresh bucket of water out for him and yet they never even took the time to untangle him. Bobbie was a different dog, though, now that he had had food the day before. He was so sweet and so undeserving of this treatment. He could do nothing. He just had to sit there and take this neglect and starvation, and suffer in silence. Thank God we stopped at that house and found precious Bobbie. I always think about the ones that are sitting behind houses and no one knows about them. That is why we are out there everyday, trying to find them. We couldn’t do it without your support.

We brought Bobbie into our program and he is the happiest boy!! He is playing with other dogs and really enjoying himself. He can be a little timid still, but is getting more confident everyday. Bobbie looks like he is always smiling now because he is finally happy with the love and care that he’s always deserved. Give us a call if you’d like to foster or adopt Bobbie at 816-221-8080.


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