Jasper and Jasmine

Chain of Hope rescued these two wonderful dogs in KCK last week. The shepherd is  a male named Jasper. The little golden girl is named Jasmine. I had an old note about a particular address in KCK that someone had called in last summer. It looked like a couple of our volunteers went over there. The man was Hispanic and spoke very little English and they had a note that they couldn’t get close to the dogs because they were aggressive.  Anyway, I’m so glad that I save old addresses (sorry for the clutter in the office, Michele!) and try to go through them every once in awhile to make sure we didn’t miss something, like a follow-up visit that needed done. Anyway, we went over to see what the deal was now with these dogs. We went to the door and spoke the best that we could (very little English) with the man. He tried to tell me that his dog was sick, so we all met in the backyard. There were two dogs chained up back there. The shepherd’s doghouse is the one that is down in the dirt and has a dirt floor. You can’t really tell from the pix, but he is pretty thin. His skin is horrible-large pieces of flaky skin coming off and his coat is so coarse and dull. They’ve had very poor nutrition for sure. The  man was telling me that Jasmine had something wrong with her. I couldn’t really see anything, so I said, “Show me”. He went towards her and she cowered from him. He pulled her over to him anyway and lifted up her tail. She had a prolapsed uterus, which means that part of her uterus was hanging out of her body. It was disgusting and I can’t believe this poor dog was living with that. He told me that she had had puppies a while back. Her coat is dull and coarse, too. Neither one of these dogs were in good shape. I told him that his dogs were sick and that they needed to get to the vet. He said he didn’t have money for that and I told him that he could sign them over to Chain of  Hope and we would take it from there and he agreed. We had him sign our relinquishment form, which we have in Spanish. He signed it and then I called Ingrid, one of our awesome volunteers, because she speaks Spanish and she was kind enough to talk to the man on the phone and made sure that he understood that these dogs were not coming back to him and he said that was fine. We loaded up the dogs and headed to the Humane Society of Greater KC. To make a long story short, the surgery that Jasmine needed is a tricky one and a couple of vets that I talked to would not do the surgery. Thankfully, Dr. Taylor from HSGKC, came in ON HER DAY OFF to do Jasmine’s surgery! That’s how much she cares. She is truly in it for the animals and has saved many Chain of Hope animals. Thank you, Michelle! I am so grateful, as is Jasmine. She finally got the relief that she so desperately needed.

Believe it or not, both of these new Chain of Hope kids are Heartworm negative. Unbelieveable when they’ve lived outside 24/7.  Jasper and Jasmine are down at Chain of Hope for right now. Each of these kids could use a foster home to  get healthy in and learn to just be a dog. We’ll have to take them to boarding if we can’t find a foster home, so give us a call if you’re interested in fostering Jasper or Jasmine at 816-221-8080.


4 Responses to “Jasper and Jasmine”

  1. Amy Youngberg Says:

    We adopted Jasmine from Wayside Waifs on Sunday. She is so sweet and we are so happy we found her! She’s still timid, but seems to be getting much happier. All we knew when we adopted her was that she was saved by Chain of Hope, and although heartbreaking, it is helpful to now know her back story. Thank you for saving her!!

    –Amy and Jon

  2. Amy Youngberg Says:

    Just an update on Jasmine — She’s doing great! I call her Jazz or Jazzy. She follows me everywhere that she can around the house. She was considered a “Special Needs” dog when I adopted her from Wayside Waifs because of an eye issue. She requires drops in her eyes every other night, but this is down from the two different drops she required every day when I adopted her. She is such a good girl and sits calmly while I do the drops because she knows right afterwards is dinner! And the vet says everything looks good! We went every couple months for awhile so her eyes could be checked, but now we’re down to just once a year after our last visit.

    Jazz hangs out with her cat siblings, although she gets jealous if they are getting attention and she’s not. She is still a little timid and skittish if someone she doesn’t know comes in the house, but she barks and sounds intimidating, even if she is hiding in the corner. If I have a broom or any stick-like object in my hand, she gets scared and runs away. I try to sweep and vacuum when I let her outside. Speaking of that, she doesn’t like to go outside; I think she’s worried she’ll be left out there. She runs out and then runs right back to the door. If I’m not there to let her in immediately, she lays by the door and waits. I have a big fence around the yard, so she never has to be tied up for any reason. Every once in awhile, she takes off sprinting across the backyard. Most of the time she just trots around.

    Despite everything, she’s happy and pretty well-adjusted now. She likes to have her belly rubbed and jumps around when she’s excited. And jump around with her, because I’m so thrilled to be her mom! I hope her companion, Jasper, found a loving forever home, too!

  3. Amy Youngberg Says:

    I adopted Jasmine 7 years ago, today. She turned 10 this year (well, her celebrated birthday, at least), and continues to be a happy, healthy girl. I love her dearly.

    • chainofhope Says:

      Hi Amy,

      OMG-it’s so good to hear from you and to know that Jasmine is a happy, healthy, much loved girl! I had to go back and reread her story-there’s been so many since then. Once I sat down and read it again, it all came back to me! It was only because we decided to recheck this address that she and Jasper were saved. We are so happy for Jasmine and your family! Thanks for updating us!

      Take care,

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