We received a call one day from a guy out in Concordia (about an hour east of KC). He told me that he couldn’t keep his dog anymore and that he’d called everywhere and no one could help him. He said that they’d found it and that they’d kept it for a couple of weeks, but it was not house-trained, blah, blah, blah. I asked him what kind it was and he said it was a Doxie-poo. I asked him if it was very old and he said no and I asked him if it was all matted, etc. (I was totally expecting something not-so-good out of this story) and he said that it was when he found it and that he had tried to shave it but he didn’t do a very good job, etc. He said if Chain of Hope could take this dog, that he would drive it to us. I thought that we could find something for a Doxie-poo, so we made arrangements for them to bring it to Chain of Hope the next day.

I was out in the field the next day and a woman brought the little guy down to Chain of Hope and talked with Michele, in our office. When I got back in and met Sammy, I was super glad that we had told them to bring little Sammy to us. He was not in good shape at all.  He had recently been shaved for sure. He was emaciated, probably weighing about 4 lbs. His little feet were stained yellow like he’d been standing in urine. He’s pretty scared.

This is a strange situation. There are puppy mills out that way and we really think this is a puppy mill dog. I don’t know if it escaped from a mill and these people found it wandering. Who knows? They were pretty poor with a baby, yet they used their gas and drove it an hour just one way to get it to us. Regardless, this little guy is going to be fine. What a transformation this will be! I know little Sammy will just blossom under Lola’s (the new foster mom, above) care. Lola is awesome with special needs little ones, so thank you Lola for giving your love, time and skills to caring for little Sammy.


One Response to “Sammy”

  1. Amy Says:

    I love this story. It was very kind of them to drive so far…esp if they were financially struggling. I can’t wait to see a happy Sammy unfold. Keep us posted, Lola!! 🙂

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