We Freed the Turtles!

Chain of Hope cares about every living creature (except fleas, ticks and flies!).  We had been going to a house where the dogs are not cared for properly. It’s been an ongoing saga with these people. I was there a couple of weeks ago and saw these big tubs with some air holes in them up on their porch. I didn’t know what was in them and I had to hurry when I was there to just get the dogs watered and fed and untangled. We went back this past week and this time, we looked in the tubs and when we lifted the lids, it was so sad. There were big snapping turtles in there-one in each tub. They were in filthy, nasty water that stunk horribly. They had dead fish peices floating around in there. These poor turtles had been living like this for I don’t know how long. They lived in smelly, disgusting darkness-never feeling the sun on them. They could barely turn around in their prisons. We decided to free them and took them to a local lake. It was AWESOME to watch them as we lifted the lid, they felt the sun and they walked out of the tub into the welcoming lake and started swimming! It was a beautiful thing!


One Response to “We Freed the Turtles!”

  1. Nancy Transue Says:

    God bless you so much for helping those poor turtles. How very sad
    that they were being forced to live like that. Like you, I love ALL
    of God’s living creatures and they ALL deserve to have a good and
    happy life. What a pretty lake you released them to for their new
    home. You are so very much needed in this world to help the
    innocent creatures who cannot help themselves.

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