Danny Boy


 Danny has lived on a chain for at least 3 yrs. He has been at a house that we have provided a lot of assistance to.  A variety of animals had lived there as various family members moved in and out. They would do good for awhile and then things would start slipping and I’d have to get on them. We spayed and neutered everybody at the time. We helped them out with food, etc. The outside, chained dogs had minimal care. They had had an old Husky mix and he died in the yard. This woman always blamed their lack of care on someone else in the family. It was a chaotic, terrible place.  The last 2 times I went over there to check on things, things were not good at all. I talked with the owner (as I had on several occassions) and told her if things were like that the next time I came over, I was calling animal control on her. We were over that way last week and checked on the dogs. Danny looked absolutely terrible. He was emaciated, dirty, sad and lethargic. I really lost it and I got very, very angry and upset.  I just thought of all the time, effort and worry that we had put in over there trying to get these people to step up and now I was here in their yard looking at an emaciated, sad, pathetic dog. The worst part was that these animals had suffered.The woman told me that all she had to feed him was generic honey-o’s that she bought with her food stamps.I asked her what she was feeding her inside dogs and she said  “the same thing,  honey-o’s’. I told her that there were resources in this town if she couldn’t care for her dogs. I told her that she could’ve even taken them to animal control if she couldn’t even feed them and she said that she didn’t want them to die. I told her that Danny was dying in her own backyard!!! I was through with these people.  I called animal control and waited for them. I told the woman that she deserved citations for this and that we were finished here. Animal control hadn’t come after about a 1/2 hr., so I told the woman that she was going to sign Danny (our new name for him) over to Chain of Hope, that I was taking all of the dog houses from her yard because she was not putting another dog outside, and she had to bring the inside dogs out to me one by one and show me so that I could see what kind of condition they were in. I had no idea what was in the house at this point.

We unclipped Danny’s tie-out from him and walked him straight out of his hell into the Chain of Hope van. I hugged him and kissed him and told him that this was finally over-he was safe now and he was going to be ok. We loaded up the doghouses and then I told her to go get an inside dog so I could see it. She came out with a purebred Schnauzer, which  looked great, was well fed, etc. I took a picture of it, told her to get the next dog and she brought out a red Dachshund that also looked great. About that time, her grown son sped up in a little red car, slammed his car door and told me that I wasn’t taking his f’ing dog. His mom had called him when she ran in the house for a minute. As he ran past his mom to go into the house, his mother said “you get that dog to the vet as soon as you get her”. I knew this wasn’t going to be good. The guy came out carrying a white, emaciated Boxer. I was yelling at him, “what the hell is going on over here?” and he told me to shut my f’ing mouth that she had worms and I told him to take care of the  problem and he put the dog in his car, yelled at me  that I was a f”ing bitch and sped away. I told Mary that we were done with them, we would not be back and we left. It was a sad day. We were not successful here after a lot of work. Except that we got Danny!  He is a sweet, gentle boy who is so grateful to have a decent place to stay, love and attention and medical help. This poor boy weighed 43 lbs. and should weigh 65-70 lbs. He is heartworm positive and will start his treatment in mid-October after we fatten him up. He didn’t even want to eat much when we got him, but after treating his parasites, he has a great appetite and is putting on weight. He is stuck to me like glue-actually, he’s stuck to anyone who comes downstairs to visit-I just happen to be there the most.  He has to be with a person, that’s what he really wants.

Michele was down there one eve. when it started thunderstorming and Danny shook and shook uncontrollably. She sat in the floor and held him and comforted him for 1/2 hr. Think how many thunderstorms he endured while he was chained outside, how many snowstorms, how many hot, humid days he just had to endure-he had no choice and no voice to cry out with and tell someone how miserable he was. That is why the back of our Chain of Hope T-shirts say “Animals Have No Voice”.  That is why these animals need Chain of Hope so desperately. Thank you to everyone that supports us and keeps us going! We could not do this without you. We’re able to have the supplies that we need, to buy the gas for our vehicle, to pay for medical treatment and just to keep on keepin’ on! There are more Dannys out there to rescue, so thank you for helping us to change lives.

Enjoy the pix! We took Danny to Neptune car/dog wash (GREAT place on 39th, just west of Broadway) and gave him probably his first bath (and massage!) ever. Since that was a little scary, we had to go get ice cream from McDonald’s for a treat!


3 Responses to “Danny Boy”

  1. michele Says:

    When our rescues come through the door of Chain of Hope….I always tell them “your life is now changed forever” I always feel so happy to see our animal gang playing in the arms of COH ….. thanks to all of our “links” … animals like Danny would still be suffering without your support.

  2. Jenny Patten Says:

    Kate, this is the first time I have been on your website. I am so very proud of you. Just think, all of what you have dome started with Duke and Cindy. You have come so far. I have some special things for you when we come up for Thanksgiving. I wish we had more time as Patrick and I both would love to see your place. Again, just wanted to tell you “great job” and keep up the good work. We need Chain of Hope in Oklahoma. Cruelty, abandonment and puppy mills are rampant down here. Will talk to you more when we see you. Also, Patrick and I would like to buy T-shirts if possible. He takes a mens medium and I take a large. See you soon. Much love, Jenny

  3. Sarah Says:

    Please be careful out there! You never know with people these days and their easy access to weapons. I love what you are doing and you are absolutely irreplaceable.

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