Bad Day


We received a call about some pits being moved around, etc. Some adult grandkids were supposingly switching them out and there were different ones there at different times. They’re using grandma’s backyard and grandma is not really aware of what’s going on.  Of course, I’m suspecting dog fighting. I sent a couple of volunteers over there a few weeks ago and there was only 1 dog there, the black & white one you see in the pix. Adorable-looks more like a Boxer. Sweet dog. We went over today and this was my first time to see this situation. There is a brindle pit there now that is super sweet. They are good body weights, they do not have wounds or scars on them, they are friendly and social but the conditions they are kept in are not good. We will watch and monitor this house and see if we can figure out what’s going on. Probably breeding. We fixed up these two that are there now. We got collars on both of them (they’d had the chains around their necks, too) and then we got them off of those frickin tow chains. We got them each on a light-weight cable and I wish every one of you could’ve seen those two dogs leaping through the air, running around in circles-they felt so much better getting off of those chains. This is what I mean when I say that we make improvements and we take baby steps sometimes. Just this simple thing makes their lives better right away. Thank you for your donations so that we can provide these dogs collars and tie-outs. We put hay down over the mud and some in the doghouses for now, although we will be replacing their doghouses before winter. We’ve got them set up pretty well for now while we watch the activity.

We had a very challenging day today dealing with a severe neglect case, plus a couple of other situations to resolve, including the one above!  I will blog that at some point. Just rough and ugly out there. Thanks for any positive vibes sent our way!


3 Responses to “Bad Day”

  1. Nancy Transue Says:


  2. Nancy Transue Says:

    God bless you all for doing such a heartbreaking job. You are finding so
    much terrible suffering that would never be discovered otherwise. You
    are truly their guardian angels and I know they are so grateful with all their hearts.

  3. Barbara Varhol Says:

    I am so sorry you engaged worse conditions than what you shared. I wish I could have been there to see them jumping in “freedom” from those tow chains. Another confirmation of how all things are relative to the situation. For you to be able to immediately give them and witness their relief is a sign for all the good you do.

    Thank you for sharing your day.

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