Toad Runs a 5K!

Some of you might remember the story (April, 2010) about Chain of Hope volunteers feeding a Chow and a cat through the mail slot because they were abandoned inside the house and it took animal control several days to get this resolved. We went everyday and fed and tried to get water in there (ending up putting in ice cubes for them to get water that way). Animal control eventually got the animals out of there and so both of them went to Halfway Home (municipal shelter).  Sandy Coffman got the kitty out of there (thanks, Sandy!) and Kim Accurso took  Toad.  I just got this update from Kim recently and Toad ran his first 5K!!! Way to go, Toad and Kim!!! I absolutely love the last picture of you two-that is pure joy!!!

Thank you everyone for your support of Chain of Hope. We are making a difference out there!


2 Responses to “Toad Runs a 5K!”

  1. Pj Ruth Says:

    Toad is the cutest boy i’ve ever seen!

  2. Lindsey Schaaf Says:

    Toad is such a handsome boy now!!

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