Oh, the Suffering….

I got a call from a Chain of Hope volunteer that had overheard a fellow employee say something about her puppy being sick, not eating or drinking for 3 days and that she had to have it euthanized but she didn’t have any money. Ashlee told her to give us a call, which she did.  She said the puppy had bloody diarhea. We were thinking parvo, but didn’t see how it’d even be alive if it’d had parvo for 3-4 days already, untreated. By the time we (my daughter was with me) got over there, it was 8:00 p.m. I went into the house and followed the woman back to her kitchen. There was an extremely sick little puppy sitting on the rug with his head just hanging. He looked terrible, he was truly 1/2 dead. He did not look up at me-he couldn’t even raise his head he was so weak. I looked at the lady and asked her why she hadn’t taken him to the vet and she said she didn’t have any money. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told people that if my dog needed medical help and I had no money, I’d be at the pawn shop pawning something! Anyway, I told her that she needed to sign the puppy over to Chain of Hope and I would take it and most likely have it euthanized. The lady told me that not only was he having bloody diarhea, but he was vomiting blood as well. He was severely dehydrated to the point that his eyes were sunken in their sockets. We got him to the emergency clinic up north. They immediately did a parvo test, which was negative. They couldn’t even get a catheter in him. His body temperature was only 96.5. They tested his clotting factors and they were extremely low. This was rat poisoning. This poor baby had suffered horribly for 3 days. He was bleeding out. He died in the night at the emergency clinic. I named him Rolly and I took his little body up to Rolling Acres, where Nancy gives some of the Chain of Hope kids a peaceful burial. Thank you for that, Nancy.

I do not understand how you walk around your house for three days-in and out of the kitchen and just step around a suffering puppy. I do not understand that mentality, I can’t fathom it. I hate it when people say to me, regarding doing outreach, “Well, I just can’t come out with you, I’d just get too mad. I’d probably kill somebody.” I always want to say, “You think I don’t get mad? I get so frickin mad sometimes I can’t stand it.”  It’s insulting to me when someone says that because it implies that the only way I can go out there day after day and see what I see is because I don’t get upset or mad about it like they would if they went out. How far from the truth that is. I get very, very angry-there is so much neglect and abuse out there.  I have to channel my anger into positive action for the animals, so we just keep on going.


2 Responses to “Oh, the Suffering….”

  1. Barbara Varhol Says:

    What a sad story! I couldn’t agree with you more in questioning how someone could walk around a sick animal for three days and not do anything. For heaven sakes, reach out to someone somewhere to help your animal. Do whatever you need to do but to just let it suffer and die a horrible death, poisoning, is beyond shameful.

  2. Spyder Says:

    I had a lab that was poisoned while I was on vacation. At the 1st sight of blood my friend who was house sitting got him to the vet. Bless her for saving his life. If caught early they can be saved. Breaks my heart about this poor pup.

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