Fly Bags!

People don’t believe me when I tell them that a lot of people in the hood do not take down their old fly bags, so I took a picture of it! This particular house is one where we simply maintain the two dogs-we are there every week or two for sure. We had animal control out there more than once and they would never do anything about the conditions, so we’ve made the improvements we can for the dogs.  These are fly bags from this summer alone-they have a terrible problem over there because of all the feces, so we are constantly hanging new fly bags (and telling them to pick up the poop!). . Those bags are $5 a piece and we put up hundreds every summer-thank you for your support!! Because of your support, we are able to buy them and get them up in as many yards as we can. I actually have people that have fly bags up from the past few years. I have a few houses that I could take you to that have fly bags from 2008!  I kind of draw the line with this issue, though. I figure if we can put them up, the pet owner can take them down, but you see how well that goes over.


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