A Few Updates


This handsome boy lived in a horrible situation, chained and starving.  He was rescued by Chain of Hope back in June. His name was Quinten, then he was called “Q” by his foster mom and now he is named Bailey. Look at the difference in this boy! He is so gorgeous, healthy and happy! That’s his new dad, Chris, snuggling with him. Bailey has the best home in the world and is much loved. Thank you for your donations so that we can help a wonderful dog like Bailey get his whole life turned around for the better.





Check out Ace!!! He has come so far! We found Ace by going down an alley and we saw him chained to his doghouse. He was very thin and absolutely petrified of us. He kept trying to hide behind the doghouse. We found out that these people’s last dog had died in the winter on the end of it’s chain, so no way were we going to leave Ace there for the same fate. We brought Ace down to Chain of Hope and for 3 days, he laid behind the toilet in the bathroom and we could not touch him. I used to sit in the floor in the bathroom with him late at night and toss hotdogs to him and talk to him. He was just a baby at only 4 months old. We just gave him time and lots of positive reinforcement and he started slowly coming around. We were able to place Ace in a foster home and he really blossomed. Just yesterday, Ace was finally transferred to Wayside Waifs and is one step closer to finding his forever home! Without your support, we could not have rescued little Ace and gotten him healthy and happy, so thanks to all of you for your donations!


Pretty Piper! We found Piper in late spring, skinny and kind of beat up and eating out of a trash can in a park in south KC. We stopped and called her and she came right over, wagging her tail and smiling!  We loaded her in the van and Piper became a Chain of Hope dog! I told her that was the best day of her life and I meant it! Piper turned out to have a heavy infestation of hookworms and also heartworms. When we had her spayed, she had a terrible infection of the uterus. Piper has been through a lot medically and it is SO good to see her feeling better, looking so healthy and being so happy. She is a happy little girl, despite having to be in boarding. She has put on weight, her coat is shiny and glossy, she finishes her HW treatment next week. Thank you to the Humane Society of Greater KC for the care that they’ve given Piper all along the way as we dealt with her medical issues. Piper does not care for other dogs, so she needs to be an only child. She is a complete and total lovebug-a huge lap dog girl! She likes nothing better than to be in your lap kissing your face.

When we rescued Piper and became aware of her  issues, we thought ever so briefly-can we really take on a dog aggressive, heartworm positive, black pit bull? And then we thought- of course, how could we not?? Piper needed someone  and we committed to her when we put her in our van. We have gotten far more love and joy back from Piper than we ever could’ve imagined. She is grateful and happy and deserves a fantastic forever home!


Mason was a sad boy, as he well should’ve been given the nasty place he was living. We went there a few times back when the weather was super hot and very humid and he and Marley (a mixed breed dog that was also chained in the yard) would have no water, they’d be tangled, they’d be hungry. We were able to get them out of there and Mason went up to Minnesota with boxer rescue. Look at the transformation of Mason! He is healthy, happy, and has been adopted in Minnesota. Mason is doing very, very well. He was HW positive as well and received his treatment up there. Marley was in boarding for awhile and then was transferred to Wayside Waifs, where she is still waiting for her forever home.


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