Chained Up Momma

This poor momma is tied up in a bunch of garbage and junk. Her puppies were about 7 weeks old and they were just out there in the dirt with mom. We came across this situation a couple of weeks ago. It was incredibly hot-heat index of 110 degrees. These poor dogs were so hot. They had some kind of disgusting crap in their bowl that had flies all over it. It was totally nasty at this place. The guy didn’t want the puppies and he signed them over to us. We got them back to Chain of Hope and they literally just sat in the cool water for quite awhile. We told the guy that mom had to get spayed and that we would help him with that in a few weeks when her milk dried up and she put some weight back on. Poor mom. The mommas always pay the price, don’t they? They must just endure. At least we stop the cycle by getting puppies spayed and neutered right off the bat, along with mom. But the poor, poor mommas. My heart breaks for them. I grieve for them. I have to take them back after getting them spayed and put them back on their tie-out and that is the hardest part of my job. They cry and whine as I walk away and a little piece of my heart breaks.  It is hard to do. The only thing that saves me from going crazy is that I can hold that momma’s face in my hands and look her in the eye and tell her, “I am so sorry that you have to stay here. Your babies are fine, don’t worry. I am so sorry that you have to endure this. But momma, I will never be looking at your “baby” six months from now,  down the street in someone’s backyard on a chain.” And that’s the only way that I can do it.  

Wayside Waifs has been awesome with taking some of the Chain of Hope animals. They have taken many litters from us (including the ones in the story above). I’m very grateful to them because if we’ve been lucky enough to get the  momma dog relinquished along with the litter, Wayside always takes all of them-the babies and their momma.  Many moms have gone onto wonderful homes because of Wayside, so a big thank you to them!  We could not do what we do without Wayside’s support. While we have been able to get some mommas relinquished along with their litters, many people insist on keeping their dog. We help them get her spayed and strongly encourage people to go ahead and bring her in the house, etc.  Chain of Hope has lots of previous mommas on our  long monitoring list that we stop and check on periodically. We will not forget about the mommas. These wonderful dogs are literally raped on the end of their chain, give birth on the end of their chain and take care of their litter from the end of a chain. What a horrible life. Yet, just a pig ear to chew on for awhile makes them so happy. Thank you for your pig ears and rawhides, your toys and food.  Thank you for the fly bags and the ear gel. Thank you for the cash donations. It’s all put to good use-like for the mommas.


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