Trapping in the Woods


Chain of Hope received a call from one of our wonderful people who watches out for animals in their neighborhoods. Jennifer told us that there was a momma dog with her teats hanging that came to her house to eat every morning and every evening. She said that sometimes she had one or two puppies with her and sometimes she didn’t. She said they crossed a very busy street and that she was afraid something was going to happen to them. She couldn’t touch any of them, but she did feed and water them everyday. I told her that she had to try and get a better idea of where they were living or else it would be like trying to find a needle in haystack.  We got a call the next day from Jennifer.  She had followed the momma and found out where they were all living. They were hanging out quite a ways from her house actually. I was surprised that momma made that long of a daily trip, sometimes with puppies in tow. There was a large empty lot between two houses and at the back of the property was woods. We spotted the momma and babies in those woods and decided to set some traps. It took all day long in the terrible heat with a zillion bugs on us, but we finally were able to trap momma and two of the babies. The puppies are big-probably about 4 mo. already. They are all unsocialized, of course, including mom. She has never growled or tried to bite or anything like that, she’s just really scared. We brought everyone back to Chain of Hope and got them set up. They were very shy and huddled together. We let them just hang out together for a few days and the mom and the dark brown puppy started coming around just a little. The lighter brown puppy-not so much. We went ahead on Sunday and sent the puppies to a temporary foster home and mom is at Chain of Hope. She’s doing ok-pretty leery of us, but we’re just letting her hide when she feels the need to hide and come out and check things out when she’s ready. I will try to update on their progress.  The other puppies are still around and we will trap again tomorrow. Wish us luck!

If anyone would like to foster puppies and help socialize them, let us know-816-221-8080!


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