When you meet Miko, he’s going to have a ball in his mouth! This big boy LOVES to play fetch. I cannot say enough about this dog-he is phenomenal! He is neutered, heartworm negative, house-trained, he knows some commands, he gets along with other dogs. He is absolutely gorgeous. Miko belonged to a young woman who had tried to take care of him, but has really fallen on hard times. She called Chain of Hope looking for help with Miko. She was crying and she said that she couldn’t care for him anymore, that he deserved to be in a home that could give him what he needs. She said he was too skinny and that he had an ear infection and she couldn’t afford food or a vet visit for his ear. I told her that I’d come over and look at him and see what I thought. I told her that I would at least take some pix and get him up on Pet Finder for her. We went over to her house and met beautiful Miko and his owner. She was heart-broken. Her car was getting repossessed and she was going to get kicked out of her place. She had no choice but to turn Miko over to someone that she could know would do right by him. You can’t tell from the pix really, but Miko was definitely underweight-he’s a pretty skinny fellow. She had his previous vet records from when she had been able to take better care of him. He had been to the vet for ear problems a few times. Finally, it was time for her to say good-bye. She had had Miko for 2 yrs. This young woman was beside herself-she cried and cried and hugged him-it was really difficult to watch. Miko didn’t understand what was going on, of course. I told her that I admired how much she loved her dog because she wanted him to have a better life, so she was willing to let him go. I promised her that we would find a great place for him and that I would let her know. We brought him down to Chain of Hope for a few days. He settled right in and played with the other dogs. Miko kennels really nicely-he’s just a real dream of a dog. We took Miko over to the Humane Society. It seems that his ear has become kind of a hunk of scar tissue, really.  He is on antibiotics in case there is still some infection in there, but basically one ear will be up and one ear will be down, which I think makes him even more endearing! Miko is now in a foster home and doing fabulously. We knew he would!  He’s such a good boy. Please spread the word about Miko, he’s really wonderful!


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