Rufus is a real head-turner! He is amazing and gorgeous and smart.

I first met Rufus when I stopped by a woman’s house that I help every once in awhile. She had two dogs on tie-outs, but she did a good job with them as far as cleaning up the poop, feeding and watering, etc. That day, she told me that she had a third dog there. She was letting a family friend that had fallen on hard times keep his dog in her backyard. I went back to see him and there was no dog. I went and got this woman and she pointed out where this dog was. There was her backyard and then some old stone steps that led down to another section of the backyard. Across that little field and down another hill, I could just see the ears sticking up of the dog way down there. I walked down to him and he did have a doghouse. He was on a chain and he was thin. He didn’t have much of a life living like this, so far away from anyone. I found out that his owner came everyday to feed him and check on him. I happened to meet him that day when he came over on his lunch break. I talked to him about getting the dog neutered and getting him set up a little better. The man told me that this dog got off his chain and he was afraid that he would get picked up by animal control and this was in KCK, so pits and pit mixes are illegal there. He even saved his pennies and went to PetSmart and bought him a harness. That didn’t work-he slipped out of his harness. I knew he was getting out and running at large and I knew that nothing good would happen to him. We were trying to get by every week and check on things. Then one day, about 7:30 a.m., when Michele and David (the Polivkas who are giving Chain of Hope space in their building and Michele is VP of COH) were getting out of their cars out front and unlocking the front door, a dog ran up to the front door and wanted to come in. He looked pretty rough, so Michele and Dave let him come in and gave him some water. Shortly after that, I walked in for work that morning. Michele told me that they had a stray dog in the other room. I went out to see him and I immediately said, “What’s Chopper doing here?”. Dave and Michele were surprised! They said, “you know this dog?” and I told them his story. Quite obviously, Chopper was dumped at Chain of Hope. Well, to make a long story short, Michele and Dave fell in love with Rufus, as they renamed him. Rufus gets to go to Wendy’s in the mornings with daddy. He gets to come to work everyday with his mommy Michele. He usually hangs out in my office-he has his comforter and chewies in there. Rufus is a truly amazing dog. Boy, did he land in the right place! I think his owner had to face the fact that he couldn’t take care of him anymore, and so he decided to dump him in front of our office.

Rufus has become Chain of Hope’s incredible ambassador! Three Dog Bakery (more heroes of mine!) has really blessed us with donations and support. We love you guys over there-thanks for your support! Rufus got to go along to accept the donations one Sat. morning. He felt like king of the world sitting in that truck with all of that wonderful 3 Dog Bakery food and treats. He’s been to school a couple of times and he just went to American Century two weeks ago to help me accept a very generous check from them-thank you American Century-we couldn’t do it without you!

Rufus has really gone from rags to riches and he has the best life now with Dave and Michele and their other dogs, LeRoy and Lo-di-dah (sorry Michele-I know I’m not spelling that right!). He is a cherished member of their family and he gets to come to work everyday. He is a big, strong dog now. His wounds and scabs are gone. Rufus is a hunk and a sweetheart and we couldn’t be happier that we get to see him everyday at Chain of Hope!


One Response to “Rufus”

  1. Ingrid Says:

    Rufus you are such a lucky and sweet boy!!!!

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