You probably don’t recognize McCoy, but if you go back to 4-10 and check out the blog about “Elmer and His Dogs” (or something like that), you may realize that McCoy is one of those dogs. As I told the story back in April, we have been helping Elmer, a very old, debilitated man, to take care of his dogs. When we first came across this situation last winter, it was absolutely terrible, but we had gotten them new houses, water buckets, etc. We stop by about once a week or so to check on these dogs.  The dogs are still shy with us, especially the one that we later named McCoy.

Marilyn and I stopped by the other day to check on the dogs, hang more fly bags, etc. McCoy wasn’t on his tie-out and McCoy is always on his tie-out. Elmer was standing in the yard, trying to untangle McCoy’s tie-out. We asked him where McCoy was and he just said that he was running around and that he would come back. Later, when Marilyn bent over to water Elmer’s other dog, she saw McCoy underneath an old upside-down sofa. She told me to come and look-he had a nasty laceration down the side of his face. I saw it and asked Elmer what happened and he said that the two dogs got into a fight a couple of days before. I told Elmer that we were going to have to get McCoy and take him to the vet. It was quite a challenge to get McCoy loaded up. He was scared and in pain. I had to get him on the control stick and pull him out from under that sofa. I hated to do that, but he was so unsocialized. We got him over to our heroes at the Humane Society of Greater KC. They had to knock him out to shave and clean his wound, which was pretty extensive down the side of his face. When we had loaded him in the van back at Elmer’s, Elmer said “he ain’t coming back is he?” and we said “do you want him back?” and he said “No”! He signed him over to us and we now had another dog onto a better life.

We’ve had McCoy down at Chain of Hope for about 4 days and he is doing great! We can pet him alittle and he is just getting to where I can get a slip lead around him and put him back in his kennel, whereas he used to run from me before. He is making good progress and we are committed to finding McCoy a loving home where people just think the world of him. He is heartworm positive, as is almost every dog that we have liberated. Thank you for your support. It is because of you that we can save dogs like McCoy and get his heartworms treated, etc. You can tell by the last picture how much happier and relaxed McCoy is already-he’s smiling!


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