Puppy and Family


I received a call from a police officer friend of mine about this pit bullx named “Puppy”. The officer had to go to this house for an interview and saw that their pit bullx named Puppy was not in the best of shape. She was almost bald! The house was flea infested and the kitten was crawling with fleas as well. I really thought this dog had mange, though. I offered to take Puppy in to the Humane Society of Great KC for a diagnosis. The officer actually helped out the people with Frontline for the kitty. I took Puppy in the next day and she did indeed have sarcoptic mange, along with a secondary skin infection. I bought some of the medicated shampoo that she needs bathed with, the antibiotics and the Promeris (for the mange and fleas). Shantel and I took Puppy to the dog wash and gave her a really good bath with the medicated shampoo-boy did she feel better already! It was late in the day when I got finished up with calls and I still hadn’t even taken Puppy home yet. I called the owner to see if it was ok for Puppy to stay all night with us and I’d bring her back in the morning. He said that he really wanted to flea bomb his house, but that it would take 4 hrs. and then he’d need to air out the house for an hour or so. He was worried about what to do with Puppy. I told him that she could hang out with me all day and I’d bring her home later Fri. afternoon.

Puppy is such a sweet, sweet girl. She stays in the house with them and she was already spayed! These owners were just overwhelmed and needed some help. Puppy hung out with me all day and I took her home about 6:30 last night. Her family was so glad that she was back. I had noticed when I picked her up that the crate they had for her was really too small for her. They told me that they shut her in there at night. When I took her home, I took a bigger crate for her and asked them just to trade me out for the smaller one and they could have one that would be more comfortable for Puppy. We are getting the kitten spayed this week and all will be well!


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