Some Updates!


Look at handsome Mr. Ivan-isn’t he a fantastic boy? We deal with bloody ears all day long everyday, but Ivan had some of the worst fly-eaten ears we’ve ever seen. We found Ivan all tangled around some bushes on a very, very hot day. I don’t know how long he’d been there or how long he’d been without water, but when we untangled him and got him some water he drank forever. thankfully, we were able to get Ivan into Chain of Hope’s program. He is heartworm positive and begins treatment soon. He will always have scarred ears, but who really cares? He’s an awesome dog. He loves playing with other dogs, he’s walking well on a leash, and has gained weight. Ivan has been on a field trip with some wonderful volunteers and got to go to PetSmart the other day, got a bag of treats while there and liked all of the other dogs. Ivan is about 3 yrs old. Thanks for your support. Getting Ivan healthy and adopted into a forever home is just one of the things that your support makes happen!

Mom and Babies off to foster home!

Remember Kylie and her babies? They left for their foster home the other day and are thriving and getting lots of attention. Thank you to Dan, Jackie, Noah and Julia for giving Kylie and kids a nice place to hang out until they’re big enough for adoption!!!


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  1. Lisa Williamson Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie, Noah, Julia and 5 of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen tonight at the park. I had my husband come up with our kids to meet them as well. We are considering adopting one of the pups, “Wirey”. We already have a 4 year old male malti-poo, 3 year old female cat and a 2 year old male cat, all of which get a long just great. Do we want to bring another animal into the mix? That’s the question we are now asking ourselves. We know the work that goes into taking care of a pet. Are we up for that? I think with my husband and three kids helping, yes we are. I understand that the puppies are not ready to be adopted yet, but when the time comes we would like to be considered. I would appreciate it if someone with your group could get back to me about the process, i.e.: adoption application, fees, vaccinations, etc. Thank You so much for what your organization does, it’s wonderful! If you want to contact me by phone, the number is 816-591-2686. Thanks again, Lisa

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