Little Miss Ruby


This story is definitely a case of “Thank God we stopped to check this house”-we NEVER would’ve known that little Ruby was in the backyard, suffering in this filthy cage. We were out last Sunday and stopped to check a dog that we try to check on every month or so. Next door to the dog that we’ve been keeping tabs on was a pit bull, chained to the fence with just a pet taxi that was too small for her. She was barking and yapping at us like “please come over here!”. When we looked closer into the backyard, we saw this precious little Doxie in a FILTHY wire crate, just sitting there in a bunch of shit. We went to the front door to talk to the people and a lady came to the door with a baby on her hip. We asked her if they had any animals (she didn’t know that we had already seen in the backyard). She told me that she had a dog but that she was moving and couldn’t take it with her. I asked her what kind it was and she said a Dachsund. We went around back to look at her and it was unbelieveable the conditions that this poor Doxie and the pit bull were kept in. There was so much shit in her crate that Ruby had to sit  way in the corner to keep from sitting directly in it. There was a big bowl of food and water, so at least they were doing that. I opened the door of the crate and Ruby could hardly walk out of there. Her little legs were so weak, almost atrophied from just sitting in a crate of shit for a long period of time. When I saw that Ruby could hardly walk at first, I told that lady, “Ok-what has happened to this dog? You tell me that you don’t want her and then she can’t even walk well. What happened to her?’. Of course the lady and her loser son who came back there because the pit bull was his dog, both said that nothing happened to her. I said, “how long has she been in this crate” and the lady told me that Ruby had not been out of that crate in a week!!! Can you imagine? Sitting in this tiny crate covered in shit and not coming out for a week? No wonder Ruby couldn’t walk-her muscles were weak and she was really thin, despite the food in the cage. Poor Ruby had been out there during the last week of rain and thunderstorms that we had. She must’ve been scared to death. Poor baby-she so didn’t deserve this. I told the lady that she ought to be glad that we came across this dog first because if AC had been here, she would’ve gotten a ton of tickets. She said “really?” and acted surprised! I told her that the way that they had been keeping Ruby was inhumane, cruel and inexcusable. She said “well, I have a baby” and I said “lots of people have babies AND dogs and they don’t do this to their dog!” Anyway, the pit bull has already had a litter of 12 puppies. Supposingly, he’s already in contact with a low cost spay/neuter clinic. We will have AC check on this pit. Not being spayed and not having shelter would be grounds enough for AC to take this dog. It’s sad, but she’s already been through having a litter of 12 puppies. She has what looks like a skin allergy or something. We will stay on top of this situation.

Anyway, Ruby had a bath-she was filthy. Her little butt was so irritated from having to sit in pee and poop. We got her cleaned up, de-wormed her and put her to bed in a clean, soft bed. She looked so content to be there and she went right to sleep. The first peaceful sleep she’s known, I’m sure. She went to the vet today and was vaccinated and HW checked (negative). She needs some TLC and to put some weight on and then we will get her spayed. Ruby is a LOVE-a real snuggler. She just wants to sit on your lap and be loved. She tucks her little head under your chin and just snuggles in!!! Please let us know if you can foster or adopt Ruby! Email us a or call 816-221-8080.

Thanks for your support so that we can help even more animals! They are definitely out there waiting to be found!


2 Responses to “Little Miss Ruby”

  1. Pj Says:

    oh my-
    poor ruby!
    and that pitty!

    i’m so glad you guys got her!
    i will search high and low for a foster home so that ruby can recover.

  2. jennifer hague Says:

    Wow, kate, you continue to amaze me each time I read your blog. Thank you for saving Ruby!!! It still baffles me how and why people do what they do to these poor defenseless animals.

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